TPaw’s dunzo, Perry’s in and z’Nightstick cometh

An old friend of mine who happens to be one of the only liberals who made it through several Facekook purgest recently posted a status update asking her GOPer friends what they thought about John Huntsman. Although I do my best to eschew politics on z’kook, I couldn’t let that one pass, so along with all her decidedly non-GOP/Conservative friends who couldn’t resist chiming in, I noted that Huntsman and Newt are despised by the base, and the only two running who I would not vote for.

So there’s that.

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Fred-6 pens nifty editorial for USA Today

I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night, and whenever I stay in such a place it gives me (for free) the opportunity to do something I otherwise never pay for: read a newspaper. USA Today, by circulation, is the largest newspaper in America and is as standard issue at a hotel as CNN is at an airport, sort of the news version of sound/fury/signifying nothing.

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Obumble And The Press: Clueless Together | Wizbang

Um, what he said:

It’s quite clear:  Your policies have simply failed.  Worse yet, they were impotent from the start.

It is time for Americans to face the possibility that Barack Obama does not know what he is doing.  He is unqualified for the position.  He has not the intelligence, the experience, or the fertile imagination to successfully perform the demands required to be the President.

He is in way over his head.  And the country is suffering due to his inadequacies.

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Oh my: Angry Obama storms out of debt-ceiling negotiations « Hot Air

A lot of the commentariat bash Allahpundit, but this is beyond-priceless, one of the better paragraphs posted at HotAir in its history. Aside from enjoying the commentary, the bolded part had my laffing:

The Democratic spin on what happened is that Cantor “rudely” interrupted The One mid-finger-wag and he got huffy and walked out. As for what he means by “going to the American people,” I don’t want to get my hopes up but we might be in store for another 45-minute lecture tomorrow morning about corporate jets. As an ironic gloss on this drama, read Chuck Todd’s take on how, in principle, Obama and Boehner aren’t all that far apart. If O publicly committed to a truly significant concession, like means-testing for Medicare or raising the eligibility age for Social Security, then maybe the GOP could be persuaded to take another look at letting the Bush tax cuts lapse for the wealthy. But since he won’t, they can’t. Said Boehner to a gaggle of reporters this afternoon, “Dealing with them the last couple months has been like dealing with Jell-o.”

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Pawlenty: Let’s face it, Bachmann hasn’t accomplished much while in Congress « Hot Air

It’s a fair cop. Her four and a half years in Congress are notably thin on bills passed and committees chaired and thicker than expected on earmarks. There are ways to spin that — “I went to Washington to stop runaway government, not enable it,” etc — but if/when Palin and Perry get into the race, this’ll be their chief line of attack on her too. They’ve governed states. What has Bachmann done except cast marginal dissenting votes and wave the Gadsden flag?

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“A fair cop” is an understatement.

I like Bachmann (I do, I do) but there’s going to be a whole lot more where this came from. Bachmann has several issues that haven’t even surfaced yet regarding certain, er, conflicts of interest, and she has zero Congressional record to run on. Obviously, in the era of Fred-6, substance is just another 10-letter word, but Fred-6 is a Donkey, and Bachmann will get no such pass, not from the GOP and certainly not from the Fred-6 Industrial Complex that has far too much vested in the illusion of enduring mythology and electoral success.

Bachmann’s first major screw up (at least for me) came with the retention of Ed Rollins after he went after Gov. Palin before she’s even declared and before, well, even being provoked. Bachmann, should Palin not run or bow out before the Minnesotan, will need every ounce of support she can muster from the Good Ship Palinista, as will any other GOP nominee – bashing her right out the gates wasn’t a good start.

Bachmann’s lack of a Congressional record is going to hurt her, and she needs to figure out how to counterpunch … sooner rather than later I’d say.

Re: This or That – By Mark Steyn – The Corner – National Review Online

The remainder fall into cutesie-pie stuff that John King lacks the personality to pull off, and the last embodied in its perfect post-modern stupidity the awfulness of these “debates”: “What have you learned during the past two hours?”

Hmm. What I learned is that John King makes Tim Pawlenty look like Lady Gaga. Other than that, I also got the distimct impression that this season’s debates seem unlikely to be effective forums even for acknowledging the profound and existential crises facing the nation, never mind addressing them

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Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: Michele Bachmann Doesn’t Seem To Understand How Ed Rollins Is Hurting Her


But Bachmann has not dealt with the Ed Rollins situation.

As long as Rollins is an adviser to Bachmann’s campaign, that is a huge problem.  If Bachmann doesn’t realize it, then she doesn’t have her ear to the ground, or her eyes on the comment sections of conservative blogs.

Bachmann needs to wake up to and deal with the reality of the damage Ed Rollins is doing to her campaign.  Pretty soon it will be too late to cure.

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