TPaw’s dunzo, Perry’s in and z’Nightstick cometh

An old friend of mine who happens to be one of the only liberals who made it through several Facekook purgest recently posted a status update asking her GOPer friends what they thought about John Huntsman. Although I do my best to eschew politics on z’kook, I couldn’t let that one pass, so along with all her decidedly non-GOP/Conservative friends who couldn’t resist chiming in, I noted that Huntsman and Newt are despised by the base, and the only two running who I would not vote for.

So there’s that.

Anyway, Tim Pawlenty dropped out this morning, and Rick Perry went all in yesterday. Michelle Bachmann’s people are spreading several types of rumor poison about z’Cuda, and Bachmann will pay politically for allowing such garbage to continue gaining traction.

Oh, and speaking of z’Cuda, she showed up at The Fair on straw-poll Saturday and stole the show. Because, well, z’Nightstick cometh, baby.

TPaw was a bummer. He came in a distant third to Bachmann and Paulnutz (tells you how legit this straw poll is), but he could never gain traction because, at heart, he’s a Boring White Guy. I don’t think Minnesota is a sane place for national leaders, even though T-Paw has been my number three since he announced. The saner they are in the context of Minnesota, the less ready for primetime they are at the national stage.

Broomcorn Johnny was telling me that he thinks anyone can beat Fred-6 right now, and I think there’s merit to that. Here’s the deal – I don’t want anyone to beat Fred-6 (well, yeah, I do) I want z’Cuda to beat Fred-6.

So, with that said, here’s z’King’s rankings, based solely on what I want quantitatively spun through The Cuda Index:

  1. Palin – 100
  2. Cain – 90
  3. Perry (new) – 80
  4. Romney – 75
  5. Paul (yes, Ron Paul) – 65
  6. Bachmann – 60
  7. Santorum – 60
  8. Huntsman – 0
  9. Newt – 0

TCI is a simple, in-my-head ranking of possible/probable/declared candidates for POTUS whose baseline reading is generated from the heat Sarah Palin generated the night she accepted the Veep nod in 2008, and the dozens of other appearances, speeches, communiques, Notes, etc whereby she has repeatedly demonstrated she’s the one of these clowns who a) gets it b) ain’t afraid to say it c) loathes Fred-6 d) is electable and, most importantly, e) is a Conservative.

Anyone under 60 will not get my vote, and anyone under 80 won’t get my money. Bachmann is falling fast because of her campaign’s insane idea that if they attack Sarah Palin they will somehow profit. Screw that – I’d vote for Bachmann if the election were today and she was the nominee, but between her absence of executive experience, her conflicts of interest regarding pork, and her piss-poor political judgement, she has faded fastest and hardest among Conservatives I admire, although in her case it’s past tense now.

Going on a common assumption that

a) Palin won’t run and

b) Cain won’t gain traction

…then it’s between Romney and Perry at this point, and I’d prefer Perry, but I’d take Romney.

As always, until z’Cuda declares one way or the other, all eyes on her. As I was telling Xtina awhile ago, it’s her nomination to turn down – the rest of these clowns are fooling themselves at this point, and T-Paw probably saw that writing on the wall.

There will be blood, politically speaking.


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