The Nightstick Cometh … tbc

This ad is viral already – as a fan of the show, I can’t help but wonder if someone from the crew at “Friday Night Lights” is helping out with these ads from SarahPAC – they have the look and feel of the most authentically flyover-country show of the last decade. The music, the filler, the themes … it all fits.

Everyone is Perry this and Perry that right now, which is fine by me. As I’ve said from the beginning, until z’Cuda declares one way or the other, everything else is just a warmup.


TPaw’s dunzo, Perry’s in and z’Nightstick cometh

An old friend of mine who happens to be one of the only liberals who made it through several Facekook purgest recently posted a status update asking her GOPer friends what they thought about John Huntsman. Although I do my best to eschew politics on z’kook, I couldn’t let that one pass, so along with all her decidedly non-GOP/Conservative friends who couldn’t resist chiming in, I noted that Huntsman and Newt are despised by the base, and the only two running who I would not vote for.

So there’s that.

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The nightstick cometh…


‘The Undefeated’ is out in select cities today; here’s a review from RedState I found … instructive

Instructive, I say, because it’s an incredibly positive review written by a diarist at RedState. While I’ve posted the key excerpt below, I found it rather … strange … that a Conservative who’d formed such a negative view of Sarah Palin, who didn’t think much of her accomplishments, hadn’t so much as bothered to read Going Rogue, her autobiography.

Sure, not every Conservative has time to read every political memoir out there, some people don’t like to read, yadayadayada … but seriously? If a Conservative has read Going Rogue and still doesn’t like Palin, there’s not much left to be done, I suppose – fair’s, fair. But to have a low opinion of the single-most important Conservative political figure of the Age of Fred-6 while she’s taken more slings, more arrows, more slander and more heat than the rest of the lot combined without bothering to even read her book?

Maybe that’s the problem with Conservatives and Palin – so many like to think themselves fair and open-minded and will yodel inanities about Fred-6’s intelligence and eloquence, but they won’t even give on of the few politicians who hasn’t sold us out the benefit of the doubt or, for that matter, a fair hearing. Whatever, at least the Howe was honest about where he was coming from and offers a mea culpa of sorts – most Palin-dislikers wouldn’t even go that far:

But what had me and my wife blown away by the time it was over, was the avalanche of information and perspectives that had been hidden from us over the years. As I would like for you to listen to my interview with Steve, I will not get into the substance of what caused the change. I want you to hear it for yourself.

I pride myself on my ability to know when something is baloney, almost instinctively. On Sarah Palin, I was so incredibly hoodwinked that the one word that my wife and I agreed described how we felt after watching it, was shame. Yes of course invigoration, satisfaction and all the other things you experience when watching a good film, but about how we had handled our vetting of Mrs. Palin, shame was the word that best described it.

Shame for not bothering to look up her record. Shame for not reading her story. Shame for turning the channel when she came on the tv. Shame for not listening to people that we had a great deal of respect for like Andrew Breitbart, Tammy Bruce, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

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Media Making Things Up: “Tears” and “Rages” During “The Undefeated”? Really?

Gov. Palin’s latest Facebook Note:

Obviously we’ve seen our share of media lies, but the latest fabrications circulated take a big slice of the cake. The UK Daily Mail reports that I was “in tears” as Todd “rages over Hollywood stars ripping” me in the new film “The Undefeated.” Huh? Really? The beautiful town of Pella, Iowa, was flooded with an army of media covering the premiere of this film. You’d think someone would have caught those tears and rages on tape, right? Well, here’s a video of the remarks I made at the Pella Opera House right after viewing the film. The emotion clearly displayed was gratitude to the filmmakers who invested their own time and money into highlighting my team’s record in Alaska. Todd and I were overwhelmed with gratitude, and we hope everyone sees this film.

In fact, you can click here to buy tickets to see the film, which opens in theaters on July 15th. You can also vote here to bring it to a theater near you.

MSM, you should check it out too. (You’ll learn the facts many of you have failed to report for the last three years as you’ve continued to do what makes you less and less relevant in our country’s discourse: you’ve chosen to just make things up.) There’s a story there, but you’ll never find it if you continue lying and carrying water for the powers that be.

Again, we thank the sweet town of Pella, and will forever remember the amazing evening we shared together in Iowa!

– Sarah Palin

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Sarah Palin–Two Years on the Road Less Traveled | Conservatives4Palin

Two years ago today Sarah Palin resigned – wonder what she’s been up to lately?

In this last year she laid out a vision of a restoration of America, delineated a military doctrine, and described three key principles to put America back on the right track. From the Restoring Honor Rally last August to her thought provoking book, America by Heart, to her One Nation bus tour, Governor Palin has rallied Americans to remember the Founding principles and ideals upon which our nation was founded. This spring, she laid out a military doctrine calling for America’s interests to be protected and American military force to be well defined, powerful, and autonomous. In her extemporaneous, impromptu speech following the Iowa premiere of the Undefeated last week, Governor Palin laid out three key things needed for America—“responsible development of natural resources, letting job creators do what they do best, and getting back to those Judeo-Christian principles that our Founding documents were crafted upon”.

Her endorsements of candidates and legislation in the past year have spoken volumes. The 2010 primaries and general elections led to one of the biggest landslides in the House and brought forty-three members into the House and Senate and others into state offices including the first female governors of South Carolina, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.  Beyond that, she has stood beside two key governors in times of great contention in these two years. In Spring 2010, she stood beside Governor Brewer when Arizona passed an immigration law that other Republicans offered criticism for or only faint praise. This past spring, she stood with the Governor Walker and people in Wisconsin who wished to make their state financially sound and faced intense opposition. She was the first major national politician to support Congressman Ryan’s Roadmap to address entitlements and reduce deficit spending. As Tammy Bruce has noted, Governor Palin does not run from the fire, she runs to it to put it out.

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Ruh-Roh: Rick Perry Staffing Up in Iowa? And What About Sarah Palin? In or Out? : The Other McCain

RS McCain passes this along in a piece about Rick Perry gearing up in Iowa. As a long-time Palin-watcher (and Palinista, natch) , I don’t know if she will or not, but the operative McCain spoke to discussing Bachmann’s numbers is out of his mind if he thinks that would influence her decision. Bristol Palin recently said (then walked back) that her mom had already made up her mind, so I would tend to go with yeah, she’s running – it’s where I’d put my money based on that evidence alone, were I a betting man.

The deal with ‘Cuda is that she was, is and forever shall remain a wild card in terms of strategy. I spend a great deal of my book-learnin’ time reading specifically about strategy, amoral warfare and the like (no, that doesn’t make me an expert, I know, I know) and ‘Cuda switches playbooks better than anyone, depending on what the situation calls for. Her operation is light, she is nimble, and she can spot trends and pulses faster than any politician I’ve ever seen. From a pragmatic view, one of the reasons I support her is I know she will have no problem switching gears in a heartbeat depending on the needs of her campaign.

Anyway, it’s some interesting info McCain provides, so I thought I’d pass it along:

Next, the raw speculation: Is Sarah Palin in or out?

Beyond my own gut hunch, every serious observer and operative I’ve talked to says Palin won’t run. Wednesday, I put in a call to someone who has been through lots and lots of presidential campaigns, and he was blunt: “She’s not going to run. . . . Bachmann’s numbers are too strong. [Palin is] not going to risk embarrassing herself.”

You can take that however you want. Again, this source claimed no direct knowledge of Palin’s plans, but he’s on a first-name basis with any big-shot Republican you’d care to name, so his is certainly an informed opinion. The difficulty of saying that Palin is definitely not running, however, is that she is Sarah Palin, and she loves to prove pundits wrong.

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