After Two Ziegler Hit Pieces, Here’s The John Ziegler I Know | RedState

This crappiness of Ziegler on MSNBC after she’s done such a hell of a job on Jay Leno the night before once again reiterates my previous observation how Ziegler is only there to defend Palin when he perceives her as the helpless victim of the media with no one else ready to defend her. If you follow his actions closely, it’s pretty obvious how every time she doesn’t appear dependent on him or doesn’t respond to “her savior” immediately, he sulks. There are many more examples such as his constant whining in the DC article last Sunday every time she didn’t respond to his emails etc., with the strongest proof being his attack on her this week which is in reaction to the documentary he’s got no part in as proven above.

How else can you explain his irrational behavior of praising Palin suddenly after the Tucson shooting even though she remained the same person who had left her governorship and has become a Fox News contributor – the two things he always has greatest issue with? This also explains why he’s rooting for Pawlenty out of all the other candidates since he’s clearly the new underdog. One has got to be utterly naïve to believe that Ziegler is truly convinced Palin is the one ruining Pawlenty’s chances and at the same time believe that Pawlenty has a better chance in defeating Obama than Palin. Just rereading my last sentence shows the ridiculousness in Ziegler’s latest attention-seeking article.

via After Two Ziegler Hit Pieces, Here’s The John Ziegler I Know | RedState.


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