T-Paw’s ‘Courage to Stand’ has a … trailer?

A pretty sweet trailer, I should add (tks HotAir):



I’m currently editing a bit of filth-o-rama that I’ll be publishing on the Kindle soon – it’s pretty sweet, and by It I mean:

  1. Publishing for the Kindle is quite easy – you write a book, format it, price it, and away you go
  2. My book is pretty sweet, as it’s pretty much a compendium of hedonism crammed into a college semester

T-Paw’s book is good. I’ve still not gotten around to writing the rest of my thoughts on it, but as political books go, it’s fine. A few dorks like me will read it, and then if he gets the GOP nomination (or gets close) political reporters will read it and tell everyone what they think they need to know.

I’m just trying to decide if I need to make a trailer for my novel now.


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I'm King B, the originator of the Jellywhite lyrical style and god's own crunk.

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