Latest debt deal sails through House

Well, so much for that notion of posting it online for 72 hours.

I hate the GOP. They have negotiated downward throughout this process, and everyone who voted for this should be primaried and tossed. This is NOT why we gave them the House, this isn’t even in the same ballpark of why they won so many seats.

The Tea Party – being compared to terrorists by everyone to the left of, um, the POTUS, Veep Biden included – stood strong, and I’m happy they did, but GOP leadership is desperately working to ensure that We’re All Broke Now.

This is catastrophic on so many levels, beginning with the foul, lying premise that we would default if something wasn’t done. The marker of the Fred-6 Regmie is EMERGENCY – everything must be done by yesterday, and in my lifetime I don’t remember more national-fabric-changing bills rushed through so quickly with so much pressure applied to their passage. We are being sold into soft-tyranny, vote by vote.

Well, we earned it, I’ll give you that.

The GOP leadership should be tossed overboard for this idiocy. Aside from giving the POTUS trillions more dollars to waste in his perpetual re-election campaign – and yes, that is all this is – the cuts are minimal up front, spread out over a decade’s worth of unenforceable years – and when the going gets tough, two things will happen:

  1. Tax hikes
  2. Decrease in military funding
Just perfect. Better yet – the GOP will slaughtered for this in 2012. No matter what anyone says right now, Fred-6 won this (or, is-winning this) and they’re too stupid to know it. What a shame.

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I'm King B, the originator of the Jellywhite lyrical style and god's own crunk.

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