Would The Mainstream Media Be This Quiet If “Fast and Furious” Had Happened Under Bush? – Big Journalism

This is the kind of thing that will drive Conservatives and GOPers nuts if they (well, we) think about it too long, so I don’t. I have a much rosier view of the Bush Administration than most people who share most of my politics – at the end of the day, I think all we can genuinely ask of a POTUS, regardless of party, is to behave themselves while in office, make honorable decisions that are at times unpopular, and do what they think is best for the country, not their party or their re-election chances.

Our current POTUS is exactly the opposite of our former one. I may find his politics despicable, but I find Fred-6 to be a man absent any shred of character – this is why I despise him as a person, and find his Presidency abhorrent – I’ll never agree with his politics, but that is only half the story, if that:

For the eight years Bush was in office it was a fact of life that anchors like Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann could barely go a broadcast minute without bashing him. And the whole of the MSM couldn’t keep from telling us how deceptive and criminal the Bush/Cheney White House was.Remember how Keith Olbermann used to get so mad at Bush that he’d get that spittle in the corner of his mouth but just keep right on talking anyway?

Sitting here, I wonder what the MSM would have done if they’d learned that the Bush administration had overseen the sale of 2,500 guns to “straw purchasers” who were expected to illegally transport those weapons into Mexico and get them in the hands of cartel members? Moreover, what would they have done had they learned that of those 2,500 guns, only 1,300 were ever recovered thus leaving 1,200 in the hands of criminals throughout Mexico and along the U.S. southern border?

In other words – if “Fast and Furious” had taken place under Bush instead of Obama, would the New York Times have reported it as quickly as they reported our phone-taps to the enemy?

via Would The Mainstream Media Be This Quiet If “Fast and Furious” Had Happened Under Bush? – Big Journalism.


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