Oh my: Angry Obama storms out of debt-ceiling negotiations « Hot Air

A lot of the commentariat bash Allahpundit, but this is beyond-priceless, one of the better paragraphs posted at HotAir in its history. Aside from enjoying the commentary, the bolded part had my laffing:

The Democratic spin on what happened is that Cantor “rudely” interrupted The One mid-finger-wag and he got huffy and walked out. As for what he means by “going to the American people,” I don’t want to get my hopes up but we might be in store for another 45-minute lecture tomorrow morning about corporate jets. As an ironic gloss on this drama, read Chuck Todd’s take on how, in principle, Obama and Boehner aren’t all that far apart. If O publicly committed to a truly significant concession, like means-testing for Medicare or raising the eligibility age for Social Security, then maybe the GOP could be persuaded to take another look at letting the Bush tax cuts lapse for the wealthy. But since he won’t, they can’t. Said Boehner to a gaggle of reporters this afternoon, “Dealing with them the last couple months has been like dealing with Jell-o.”

via Oh my: Angry Obama storms out of debt-ceiling negotiations « Hot Air.


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