Pawlenty: Let’s face it, Bachmann hasn’t accomplished much while in Congress « Hot Air

It’s a fair cop. Her four and a half years in Congress are notably thin on bills passed and committees chaired and thicker than expected on earmarks. There are ways to spin that — “I went to Washington to stop runaway government, not enable it,” etc — but if/when Palin and Perry get into the race, this’ll be their chief line of attack on her too. They’ve governed states. What has Bachmann done except cast marginal dissenting votes and wave the Gadsden flag?

via Pawlenty: Let’s face it, Bachmann hasn’t accomplished much while in Congress « Hot Air.

“A fair cop” is an understatement.

I like Bachmann (I do, I do) but there’s going to be a whole lot more where this came from. Bachmann has several issues that haven’t even surfaced yet regarding certain, er, conflicts of interest, and she has zero Congressional record to run on. Obviously, in the era of Fred-6, substance is just another 10-letter word, but Fred-6 is a Donkey, and Bachmann will get no such pass, not from the GOP and certainly not from the Fred-6 Industrial Complex that has far too much vested in the illusion of enduring mythology and electoral success.

Bachmann’s first major screw up (at least for me) came with the retention of Ed Rollins after he went after Gov. Palin before she’s even declared and before, well, even being provoked. Bachmann, should Palin not run or bow out before the Minnesotan, will need every ounce of support she can muster from the Good Ship Palinista, as will any other GOP nominee – bashing her right out the gates wasn’t a good start.

Bachmann’s lack of a Congressional record is going to hurt her, and she needs to figure out how to counterpunch … sooner rather than later I’d say.


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