Sarah Palin–Two Years on the Road Less Traveled | Conservatives4Palin

Two years ago today Sarah Palin resigned – wonder what she’s been up to lately?

In this last year she laid out a vision of a restoration of America, delineated a military doctrine, and described three key principles to put America back on the right track. From the Restoring Honor Rally last August to her thought provoking book, America by Heart, to her One Nation bus tour, Governor Palin has rallied Americans to remember the Founding principles and ideals upon which our nation was founded. This spring, she laid out a military doctrine calling for America’s interests to be protected and American military force to be well defined, powerful, and autonomous. In her extemporaneous, impromptu speech following the Iowa premiere of the Undefeated last week, Governor Palin laid out three key things needed for America—“responsible development of natural resources, letting job creators do what they do best, and getting back to those Judeo-Christian principles that our Founding documents were crafted upon”.

Her endorsements of candidates and legislation in the past year have spoken volumes. The 2010 primaries and general elections led to one of the biggest landslides in the House and brought forty-three members into the House and Senate and others into state offices including the first female governors of South Carolina, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.  Beyond that, she has stood beside two key governors in times of great contention in these two years. In Spring 2010, she stood beside Governor Brewer when Arizona passed an immigration law that other Republicans offered criticism for or only faint praise. This past spring, she stood with the Governor Walker and people in Wisconsin who wished to make their state financially sound and faced intense opposition. She was the first major national politician to support Congressman Ryan’s Roadmap to address entitlements and reduce deficit spending. As Tammy Bruce has noted, Governor Palin does not run from the fire, she runs to it to put it out.

via Sarah Palin–Two Years on the Road Less Traveled | Conservatives4Palin.


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