The Pedophile Libel « Citizen Renegade

I discussed this recently her at z’KBL in the context of Weiner’s forray into IMng with a high school girl, and Roissy tackles it here – SSDD, but a worthy note nonetheless:

Whenever an older man hooks up with a much younger woman, there is a chorus of haters from almost every demographic smearing the guy with the pedophile label. It’s a malicious slander. These dimwits quick to hurl the pedo insult need to be educated on some basic facts about human biology.

Pedophilia is sexual attraction for biological children. Note I used the qualifier “biological”. Technically, in many jurisdictions, a 17 year old is legally defined as a child, but most 17 year olds have already developed adult bodies. True pedophiles are attracted to pre-pubescent children who have not yet developed secondary sex characteristics. Real pedophiles have a brain malfunction and need to be kept as far away from kids as possible, because their disease is incurable.

To make the point clearer for the idiots, malcontents and misandrists who can’t stand to see an older man dating a younger woman: Sexual attraction for a woman who has gone through puberty and has a sexually developed adult woman’s body is not pedophilia.

via The Pedophile Libel « Citizen Renegade.


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