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Ace takes apart Hitchens’ absurd review of Mamet’s book:

This review is about attitude, not the merits of what Mamet is saying. It spends almost no time at all on Mamet’s transformation, the conclusions he has drawn and the reasons therefor. In fact, this review is meant to cut short consideration of such things. One learns very little about the book. It spends time nitpicking with spitballs rather than evaluating the actual thrust of what Mamet is saying. Why? Because that is a much more difficult task. And because the targeted audience likes this kind of spitball.

Hitchens wants you to know that Mamet is not part of the in-crowd. Remember, he is speaking to New York Times readers. These people want to be stroked. Think of Frank Rich’s former column, Your Weekly Ten Minutes’ Hate: We’re smart; they’re dumb. We’re experienced; they’re naive. We’re good; they’re evil. We’re right; they’re wrong. We’re with-it; they’re hopeless. We’re superior. This kind of writing appeals to other self-regarded in-groupers. It is a collection of sentiments and postures designed to signal their membership and the exclusion of Mamet. It’s meant to be reassuring to the liberal left elite–to salve the wound of losing Mamet, to make the existential threat he poses go away, and to remove the challenge he posed to their cognitive biases. And when they read Hitchens words, they will breathe a sigh of relief, knowing they are still wearing the white hats.

via Ace of Spades HQ.


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