Lefty Feminists Expose Themselves by Putting Out for Weiner – HUMAN EVENTS

To these alleged feminists, frat boys being juvenile, and admittedly asinine, but with no authority—fraternities not even being recognized by Yale—prevents women from functioning to the point that their entire college careers are compromised.  Such delicate flowers!  But a congressman using and abusing his power to accost innocent women, by sending unsolicited “jokes” entailing his engorged naughty bits to numerous women is no big whoop?  Then lying about it, encouraging others to lie about it with the lure of having his (taxpayer-funded) team help with the lies?  It’s “just a private sexual matter” and all.  I suppose the women should thank him for sexually “empowering” them!  At least he’s not some monster riding around on a bus, as Barbara Walters explained.  And he’d make a totally awesome mayor of New York City, according to Janeane Garafalo.  Hey, Janeane, who’s suffering from Stockholm Syndrome now?  Fight the Patriarchy!  Unless, of course, it’s the right kind of patriarchy that has such little respect for women that they treat them like 25-cent carnival rides for their own amusement or encourage the killing of their unborn children for convenience.

The totally irrelevant National Organization For Women, being anything but, said Weiner’s a silly 14-year-old boy, but they love his politics—he’s one of the “best politicians out there,” they said—so they gave him the benefit of the doubt.  Even though there was no doubt.  Reality doesn’t matter, so long as it suits an agenda!  So what have we learned?  Leftist feminists once again prove they’re no longer even useful idiocy by crying patriarchal oppression at the drop of a damn hat, yet they choose to embrace and defend this man and his misogynistic actions, under a self-defeating veil of “just sex.”  Actions that are geared toward and are beneficial to alleged men like Weiner and are totally harmful and denigrating to women.

via Lefty Feminists Expose Themselves by Putting Out for Weiner – HUMAN EVENTS.


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