AT: Bimbo Feminism

Back in the Bill Clinton era, White House advisor Betsey Wright coined the term “bimbo eruptions” to describe a long list of presidential gal pals.  How feminism is advanced by defending a serial predator and his co-dependent wife is still a mystery.  Ms. Wright’s notable contribution to the exploitive sex debate was to cast all “other” women as floozies.  Wright got it wrong; the true bimbos are the female enablers — those wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, and female groupies who defend creepy behavior and thus make politicians like Clinton and Weiner likely.

If just one high-profile political woman kicked someone like Weiner, Spitzer, or Clinton to the curb, a whole new standard of behavior might be set in Washington.  Women are a voting majority, yet

via Articles: Bimbo Feminism.


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