Demonic, by Ann Coulter

Although I’m not a fan of the title, it’s about the only thing I didn’t like about Ann Coulter’s latest work, Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America. Frankly, it’s Coulter’s best book since her first one, High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case Against Bill Clinton. 

I like Coulter as a talking head, but her books are where her merit can be found, and Demonic is no different – meticulously researched, each is a full-frontal assault on accepted postmodern political dogma. Demonic is focused on mobs and how the Democrat Party has historically and is presently used and using them for political success. While some of the material will be familiar to well-read Conservatives, the heart of the book is its long look at the French Revolution and how it set the template for all the Liberals, mobs and revolutions that followed it.

While Coulter focuses on some recent events – the Arizona shooting and the slander of the Tea Parties and, especially, Sarah Palin – it’s her look back at the French Revolution, the student protests of the 1960s, and, curiously, the Central Park Jogger/Youth Wilding cases of late 1980s New York where the good stuff can be found.

I’ve read all of Coulter’s books as soon as they were released, and they’re usually consistent if not occasionally thin. She is naturally funny, loathes all the right people, but as noted, her strength is in her research and her questioning of Liberal “dogma.” Her dissection of the Civil Rights movement and the resistance it received from Democrats is one of the better such explanations I’ve encountered (there’s no telling how much of the majority still thinks that Jim Crow, the Confederacy, the Klan etc were Republican, not Democrat, constructs, so it’s always nice to get a hard-back reminder of which party has the history of hate).

For my audience here at the KBL, I’d say the book is worth reading just for the summary regarding the French Revolution – it’s a subject I’m ignorant on, so I’ll not go into how much is accurate – I’ve read almost nothing of Coulter’s that’s been retracted or proved wrong, so I tend to believe her when she’s writing about things I’ve not studied.

Now it’s time for David Mamet’s new book – I’ve been looking forward to that one.



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