Crudest metaphor/rhetorical??/analogy I can think of regarding the release of the Palin emails

I’ve been thinking about this all day, and here’s what I came up with:

If The American Media is a man, and Sarah Palin’s emails as Governor are a throbbing, 15-inch horse-cock, and…

This man is bent over a table, hands reached around gripping each cheek of his buttocks, thus spreading them apart, and…

The man is begging for the horse-cock to enter his nether-regions, and…

The horse-cock doesn’t resist, and thus enters, and suddenly, the man decides he doesn’t like what’s happening…

But the horse-cock continues the penetration even though the man is now begging for it to stop, I ask you this:

Is the man being raped, or is the man merely being fucked exactly how he deserves?


I think most communications elected officials have should be public information, so in theory and in practice I don’t have a problem with the release of Gov. Palin’s email trove from her time as Governor. Furthermore, as a Palinista, I’m not the slightest bit concerned with what’s contained in the emails – the woman lived and breathed ethical governance and put her career on the line several times to prove it – if there was something to find, it would’ve been found by now.

The larger problem, of course, is that Sarah Palin – and only Sarah Palin – is held to this standard. You know this song, you know how it starts, you know how it ends, so I won’t keep playing it over and over.

What the emails are showing and will continue to demonstrate is that z’Cuda was a hands-on, effective executive figure. No matter how much history is rewritten (and re-rewritten), there was a reason her approval rating in Alaska hovered around 90 percent. There is a reason why she was the most popular governor across party lines in the country. There was a reason McCain picked her – it had nothing to do with anything other than her reputation for good governance and her exceedingly high aptitude for political timing.

Hate her, dislike her, think she’s stupid – I do not care, as it only helps my cause. Just bear this in mind, something you’ve no doubt thought of and heard already: a sitting Congressman claimed his Twitter and Facebook had been hacked, and not a goddamn thing was done about it by anyone other than bloggers for several days. Sarah Palin currently has not government-backed power beyond the same power you and I have, yet the media insists on begging to be raped by a 15-inch horse-cock because they cannot believe that some people do not govern like Democrats – it’s simply impossible to imagine!

I read Wikileaks every single day, so I imagine I’ll spend some time reading some of Palin’s emails and plenty of reaction to them – again, I think this shouldn’t be so shocking or newsworthy. If only the media were even a scintilla as interested in the actions and background of, I dunno, our fucking President as they are of z’Cuda, who they insist is both all-powerful and eternally stupid.

Yep. They’re about to get the shit raped out of them.


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