Still rogue, Palin embraces media –

I was glad to see this story, and there are many more like it out there. Palin plays wicked games with the media, but she’s never been averse to interacting with them (uh, who could forget her gutting fish days after her resignation while fielding questions). Like many Palinistas, I’ve long thought that her relationship with Fox was and remains a no-winner beyond the fiduciary aspect of it, and I think her appearance of Chris Wallace’s show tomorrow could produce some serious headlines.

Via HotAir:

The Palin team’s stubborn and unconventional game plan also fed an inaccurate media narrative that the potential presidential candidate was actively ignoring the media.

Quite the opposite.

Putting aside her chaotic appearance at the Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally on Sunday, an event that generated little news other than pictures of a black-clad Palin riding on the back of a Harley, she took questions from the media 17 different times over the course of four days.

That’s a remarkable number for any national political figure, particularly for one locked into an exclusive television contract that normally precludes her from talking to other media outlets.

via Still rogue, Palin embraces media –


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