‘Victims call cops – perps call lawyers’ …

If Weiner was innocent, he was certainly giving a world-class imitation of a guilty man. And even in the friendliest media venue possible — Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC program — Weiner managed to make matters worse by trying to joke his way through the interview. As Andrew Breitbart said in a telephone interview late Thursday, Weiner’s appearance on the Maddow show was “Eddie Haskell hiding behind a lot of snark.” (Weiner’s tendency toward inappropriate humor was also noted by Washington Times columnist Emily Miller.) Some liberal bloggers seeking theories of how Weiner might indeed be a victim of hackers have openly accused Breitbart himself of orchestrating a smear, but the conservative Internet entrepreneur laughed off their speculation as demonstrating their deficiency in deductive logic. “They must not have watched ‘Murder She Wrote’ or read any  Encyclopedia Brown mysteries,” said Breitbart, whose new book Righteous Indignation describes his one-man war against what he calls the “Democrat media complex.”

Members of that media complex, however, appear to be losing patience with Weiner’s increasingly desperate attempts to deflect questions about his online embarrassment. On Thursday, liberal pundit Jonathan Chait of the New Republic recalled previous accounts of Weiner’s womanizing reputation. “Understanding Weiner’s character makes it very easy to believe that he would tweet a lewd photo to a young woman,” Chait wrote, concluding that “it’s hard to generate much sympathy for the man.” Even those who felt sympathy for Weiner could scarcely resist the conclusion that he was in a mess of his own making. CNN’s Jack Cafferty said watching Weiner’s Wednesday interview with that network’s Wolf Blitzer “was sort of like watching one of those Buddhist monks set himself on fire. You feel bad for the guy, but it’s impossible not to watch it.” … When the congressman’s office announced Monday that he had “retained counsel” to advise him how to handle the case (which most obviously could be solved by reporting the alleged “hacking” to the FBI or Capitol Police), it was Ace who observed: “Victims call cops. Perps call lawyers.” What remains to be seen is whether reporters for the mainstream press will play the role of hard-boiled detectives and continue interrogating the suspect until he finally breaks down and confesses.

via The American Spectator : Weiner’s Week.


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