The New Tone in politics hits Oklahoma

One or more burglars bashed in a steel door at the Sooner Tea Party’s Oklahoma City headquarters over the Memorial Day weekend and escaped with donor records, photocopies of checks, blank checks and other items, the leader of the conservative political organization said Wednesday.

via Sooner Tea Party headquarters burglarized |


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3 Responses to The New Tone in politics hits Oklahoma

  1. Eric says:

    Jeez, out of all the Oklahoma Tea Party groups that could use some national recognition, it had to be these guys? I’ve become nothing but frustrated with Al Gearhart and the Sooner Tea Party this legislative session. They picked stupid battles (making enemies out of half the GOP legislators not over fiscal matters, but because they wouldn’t pass a bill requiring every bill written by every legislator to get an an up or down vote on the House floor), they threw fits (threatening to primary numerous conservative state legislators because they had the gall to censure Randy Terrill for threatenig to break a state Senator’s “other fucking leg”), they tilted at windmills (storming in to various legislative offices demanding to be given voting records… when every single vote of every legislator during the session is published daily at and they didn’t add any substantial discourse to a single issue, and probably helped stall any Open Carry bills passing since the one they liked couldn’t pass… all they managed to do was make enemies out of CONSERVATIVE legislators, and scare away other Tea Party groups (The Oklahoma Constitutional Alliance, which Al Gerhart was sort of defacto leader of, is now more or less defunct, because everyone withdrew from it due to his shenanigans)

    They supported Brogden last year, which was good (and probably only in return for his voiced support for their state sanctioned citizen militia group). Last year they called for changes in the Oklahoma GOP’s leadership (as has every single Tea Party organization in the state). But since then they’ve sort of been the opposite of what I had hoped the Tea Party movement would become in our state… now it is more of a lobbying organization designed for the express purpose of chasing its own tail, and here’s the end result: remember two years ago when we went to the State Capitol along with 10,000 other Okies for the April 15th Tea Party rally? Do you know how many people showed up for the event it this year? 30 people. Do you know why? Because the Sooner Tea Party wanted to be the Big Dog and run the show, and the other Tea Party groups didn’t want to have anything to do with them. (One of my favorite Tea Party groups,, has withdrawn from any groups that Sooner Tea Party belongs to).

    This is a group who trades heavily on the Tea Party brand, but in reality they are like that guy in your office who leads a team to improve business processes and comes back with ideas like “Publicly behead the FEDEX man if he is three minutes late with our packages.” They are the Dwight Schrute of Tea Party groups.

    I’m sorry they got broken into, and I sincerely hope they get their property and information back.
    Then I hope they go away.

  2. dwh says:

    I learned more from that comment from than a year’s subscription to the Daily OK. Educational and entertaining.

  3. godsowncrunk says:

    Agreed, altho I don’t read z’paperz.

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