‘One Nation’ video from SarahPAC

This is the promotional video for z’Cuda’s bus tour. Pretty slick – a couple things caught my attention:

  • At :19, “Join the Fundamental Restoration of America” – clever and it resonates. For many Conservatives, one of the most chilling utterances of Fred-6 was his speech, five days before he won the 2008 election, regarding “fundamentally transforming” the United States. The contrast Palin draws is obvious in a political sense, but for people who don’t keep up with politics and don’t like the direction of the country, it’s an optimistic message that has nothing to do with the POTUS;
  • Palin, just as with her appearance at the Rolling Thunder event yesterday, demonstrates an understanding of the tastes of her base – many Conservatives are too content with shooting commercials that look and sound like they should be in a Ken Burns documentary – nothing wrong with that, but they’re interchangably boring. This ad will be forgotten shortly, but it grabs the attention while it has the attention.
  • “We know that our best days are yet to come,” is a nice coupling with the “fundamental transformation” text from earlier – there has been a lot of talk about America in decline under Fred-6, and many of his more ardent supporters seem to want that. Palin’s message is simple – it’s a great country, and we can make it greater (if the State will get out of the way, of course).
Just a few thoughts. Also from a very busy SarahPAC site, there’s this:
Took an incognito tour of our beautiful national monuments tonight. We met some great everyday citizens who were also “taking it all in” in honor of the greatest nation on earth. One couple we met traveled from Michigan to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary in our nation’s capital, and they expressed how thankful they were to live in this land of great opportunity. We were also privileged tonight to get to thank a member of the greatest generation for his service in WWII. This fine patriot was surrounded by his large extended family that had pooled together to send their patriarch from Oklahoma to DC this Memorial Day weekend to see the breathtaking WWII memorial built to honor that generation’s tremendous sacrifice. Meeting him and his caring family made my heart soar with pride for the honor so many show our military vets.

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