GOP Horserace: Introducing The ‘Cuda Scale for indexing Conservative passion

A couple weeks ago, here are the names I mentioned and rated regarding GOP POTUS prospects, in the order I named them (the plus or minus indicates whether or not I would actually support them):

  1. Sarah Palin+
  2. Herman Cain+
  3. T-Paw+
  4. Mitch Daniels-
  5. Newt-
  6. Donald Trump+
  7. Rick Santorum-
  8. Chris Christie +/-
  9. Huck+
  10. Ron Paul-
  11. Michelle Bachman+

Add to that list Rick Perry (+), John Huntsman (-) and Jeb Bush (-), subtract Trump, Daniels and Huck.

So, here’s where we stand. Turns out, I more/less know what I’m talking about, not that this is particularly difficult if you actually believe in anything other than moderation.

Daniels is gone, Newt is gonzo i.e. might as well be gone, Tump’s out, Huck’s out. Of the three people I will not vote for even staring Four More Years in the face, one is gone – Huntsman, the subject of a Washingtonian circle-jerk for several weeks running, is still in, and I still will not now or ever vote for him, and Newt sucks the cock.

Now, let’s reassess the field, and this time, I’ll rank’em in my order of preference, based solely on The ‘Cuda Scale. At the top of the list are people I’ll vote and volunteer for as well as donate money to, and near the bottom are people I’d vote for but nothing else.

  1. Sarah Palin – it’s the ‘Cuda’s game, and until she makes her decision (think July 4th weekend, I’m guessing), she’s who is my default choice. I’m as passionate about her potential candidacy as anyone on this list, and she is the only politician I’ve ever supported to this degree. Like her or not, it’s her nod if she wants it. For the purpose of this piece and as short-hand for later pieces, the GOP field scale is hereby called The ‘Cuda Scale (TCS), and the ‘Cuda sits at the top at 100. If she drops out, any pol who hits 100 on the ‘Cuda scale has reached Full Passion Drive. Anything above 70 is acceptable.
  2. Herman Cain (90 TCS) – I’ve been on the Cain Train for a long, long time. For many Conservatives, he’s the only acceptable alternative to Palin, and for others, he’s much better than her, and preferable. He blew it up yesterday in Atlanta, and for those concerned with his FoPo chops, remember – this man is very smart (provably so, I’d add). Yep, I know about his cancer, his support of TARP and some of the other potential negatives.
  3. Michelle Bachmann (80 TCS) – Bachmann riles some of the hard-hard-hardcore Palinistas, but she doesn’t rile me. However, she’s got some earmarks baggage and some conflict of interest baggage shes’ going to have to sort through. On the other hand, when Obamacare came down, she was immediately calling for a full repeal. She’s been in the thick of some nuclear domestic policy squabbles and has not backed down. I’d back her in a heartbeat if she swipes the nomination.
  4. T-Paw (80-TCS) – T-Paw is a Conservative and has made amends with his dalliance with capntrade. However, he is a very boring white guy. Not sure if that can win – shouldn’t matter, but it does. I consider T-Paw the second-most-pragmatic Conservative in the hunt after Palin, pragmatic being defined as having governed and spoken primarily as a Conservative while still having to politic.
  5. Huck would have scored a 70 on TCS, but he dropped out.
  6. Rick Perry – Not sure America is ready to elect another governor from Texas, but if he gets in his starting score will be a solid 80. I’d vote and donate but not volunteer.
  7. Jeb Bush – I’d vote for him, but I don’t want to have to.
  8. Santorum – No.
  9. Newt – 5 on TCS – will not vote for him.
  10. Ron Paul – 0 on TCS – will not vote for him.
  11. Chris Christie – He gives good YouTube, but I don’t trust him. Too many people who’ve turned on Conservative candidates repeatedly are in love with him, and too many Liberals are rooting for him. He’s tainted. On the TCS, he gets a 60, and I would vote for him only.

I would have voted for Trump, no on Daniels, and No Fucking Way on Huntsman, whose campaign might be reminiscent of Michael Huffington’s bid in California years ago.

Ideal Ticket Knowing What I Know Right Now – Cuda/Cain

A Good Ticket Take 1: Cuda or Cain with Perry at Veep

A Good Ticket Take 2: Cain/Bachmann

A Good Ticket Take 3: Cain/T-Paw

Ticket without Cuda or Cain: T-Paw/Bachmann, T-Paw/Perry

If Christie is on the ticket: Veep under Cain – Cain is the only speaker Christie can’t upstage, and no way in hell is Cuda taking Christie on this ride – he’s taken a few too many cheap shots at her.


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2 Responses to GOP Horserace: Introducing The ‘Cuda Scale for indexing Conservative passion

  1. Eric says:

    Interesting you did not mention Romney. He is running by all accounts, and still seems to lead in any poll that includes his name. I’ll be surprised if he isn’t the candidate, as much as it pains me to say that.

    I’m hoping for Paul Ryan as Veep nomination regardless of who wins the primary. I’d take him as Veep over anyone on the list, and I think he is actually gunning for that position in as subtle a way as possible (awshucksgollygee, I guess if you guys reeeeaaaalllly want me to do it…).

    I think a T-Paw/Ryan ticket may be the best alignment of conservative/winnability. I think boring can win it, and win it big, if it is underpinned with rolled up shirt-sleeve seriousness (supplied by t-paw) and concrete ideas (supplied by ryan). I’m more bullish on Palin than I used to be but still see too many negatives for her to have a real shot at winning. Ron Paul is probably the candidate who most closely aligns with me politically, but same thing there, he just can’t win.

    With that said, I’d vote for anybody on this list over 4 more years of Obama (inlcuding Romney).

    The ones I could vote for enthusiasitically (regardless of my thoughts on their electability):

    1. Rick Perry
    2. Ron Paul
    3. Palin
    4. Herman Cain
    5. T Paw

    One’s I could vote for with ambivelence:

    1. Bachman
    2. Jeb Bush
    3. Chris Christie

    The one’s that would involve holding my nose:

    1) Huckabee
    2) Newt
    3) Santorum

  2. godsowncrunk says:

    Shows you how sharp I am – I forgot Romney. I’d vote for him, but that’s it. He scores a solid 60 on TPS.

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