…and all the lil’ grizzlies said ‘woo-ooh’

Occasionally, my Google Reader will suddenly fill up with stories from Conservative places I read about Google ignoring some holiday or other occasion with their logo. For years, Google has switched it up on occasion – they did it for Earth Day, Thomas Edison’s birthday, etc, yet they never recognize Xmas and so forth. The times that presumably Conservative celebrations are ignored are usually religious holidays, Judeo-Christian in nature (think Passover, Easter, Christmas, etc). Today, they’ve noted Mother’s Day, one of the more inoffensive celebrations (or observances?) of the year. Personally, I don’t care what Google does with its logo because I use Google and its apps about a thousand times a day, and they tend to work better than most. You don’t like their logo? Design a killer app that everyone uses and celebrate whatever you want whenever you want it, k…

Anyway, Bing is pretty much apolitical, but it mixes it up on occasion. The pic above is for today, Mother’s Day, and the image of a mama grizzly and her cubs might be unintended, but its contemporary symbolism isn’t subtle. Not reading anything into anything, but a curious choice when given the political climate.



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