Off with their heads!

HotAir QotD has a round-up of commentary RE the killing of OBL if true that he was unarmed, with the usual fruits of Euro Leftism chiming in about all the serious questions such a killing raises.

Diagram that sentence. Sorry ’bout that.

Here’s the question their questions raise for me: they’ll not be calling on America with the rising tide of Radical Islam in Western Europe removes their right to ask such questions, will they?

The night OBL was announced to have been killed, I quoted Sam Jackson from A Time to Kill, and I’ll do it again: I’m glad he’s dead and I hope he burns in hell.

That’s not good old American jingoistic bravado whateverism, that’s a fact. The concept of hell was created by Man for the OBLs of the world, the idea being that if enough people as children could be scared into believing they’ll roast for eternity if they’re bad enough, then they won’t be too bad. It filters out a lot of evil, but not all of it.

Views on hell and its origins aside, though, OBL got off light – again, not false bravado on my part. As noted prior, I think his head should have been mounted on a pike and planted on Ellis Island, or perhaps at the base of the Statue of Liberty, and KSM’s should go right next to it at the appropriate time. It wouldn’t bother me a bit if the members of Seal Team 6 found the man jacking off to bestiality porn and ‘shooped images of Miley Cyrus. A shot to the chest and a killshot to the head mean he got off light, so far as I’m concerned.

As I’m sure you might or might not be aware, we wouldn’t have the Twilight phenomenon of today were it not for the original Dracula himself, Vlad the Impaler. Vlad was a Romanian royal who came up with a way to staunch further Ottoman (read: Muslim) invasion of his territory – he and his slaughtered in the neighborhood of 10,000 Ottomans when they were not expecting it, then they decapitated them, then they piked the decapitated heads, and they put them up outside their city.

Granted, these weren’t people who had “Visualize Whirled Peas” stickers on the sides of their horses, but the message was sent nonetheless and there were, as I recall the story (or legend, depends), there were no more such invasions, at least in his neck of the woods.


And yes, the OBL post-mortem picture should be posted everywhere respectable people gather – especially throughout the Muslim world. It should be a not-so-gentle reminder that in America, we have leaders who will stake their entire Presidency on hunting down people who perpetrate horrors like OBL funded for two decades plus, and we will hang ’em high. American Liberals seem to have grown a set of hawks the past week, because none of them seem to be bothered by the utter illegality of what went down in Paki-land, and for once, I’m right there with them.

There are many fears about releasing the photos, and many of them have to do with unintended consequences – I’m unmoved by them. We waterboarded KSM 177 times before he finally broke, and before we got our hands on him, by his own admission he was the masked man who sawed off a very alive Daniel Pearl’s head before sending us the tape.

How much more outrageously outraged can they get?

In many ways, I hate that I’ve turned into a person who sees the world like this. In my younger years, I was never a Liberal, but I was against the death penalty and was Pro Life on both ends of the spectrum. I abhor human suffering – until I finally realized in the late 90s that Amnesty International was a Leftist front group, I donated money to it monthly.

I hate human cruelty. Hate it. I have an empathy streak wider than most people’s capacity for love or joy – I wish I didn’t, but I do.

With that in mind, there are two way to treat human cruelty – kill it with kindness or put a cap in its crown. I opt for the latter, especially in regard to those who take up arms in the name of Islam – call it radical, moderate, I don’t really care. I’m not a religious man and I don’t hate religion, except when it chops off people’s heads and forces human burning alive to jump out of 130-story windows. Then, I start reverting into a salt-the-earth frame of mind.

If Christians were doing these things to Americans, I’d say the same of them. But, it’s not Christians and Jews perpetrating these monstrous acts, and it’s not Islamic radicals who deserve the benefit of the doubt.

I don’t make policy, and I don’t even make much commentary anymore. This is something that has burned me all this week, though, the moral relativism of whether or not OBL should’ve been killed depending on whether he was armed.

Perhaps he was kneeled before a cross confessing his sins to the Christian god, and perhaps he’d made his peace that way. Even if true, I’d still say take his head clean off before he can get the full confession out, before his heart could be filled with a ticket to a version of heaven that’s not a drunken orgy.

Whatever – dunno, duncare. OBL’s dead, and there are thousands of others happy to take his place. Someone better help them if they’re as successful as OBL was, because it won’t be as moral a reaction as the first time around.



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