Dead OBL warp drive

When I started hearing the news last night about OBL, I lost track of what I was doing and started looking for news. I have Al-Jazeera at my house for some reason, so that’s the first place I turned, but their coverage was pretty lame. I wound up on 4Chan and it was celebrating the news in its own unique way (see the GOC for a shot of that), and then just watched z’kook as more and more people came to the realization that America’s own personal Kaiser Soze had indeed been killed – first thought by a missile strike, then confirmed by Navy Seal Group 6 with a cap to the crown.

And with that, he’s dead.

The pics I’ve run here and at the GOC are probably fake, but I’m leaving them up anyway. It is, in a way, comforting to know that the man is dead, and I think U.S. did far too little to exploit the physical body of OBL. I’m not talking about torture, I’m talking about instead of dumping him the water, we should have at least cut off each of his fingers and sent them to various government harboring terrorists, or as one friend added to my “head on a pike” idea, smearing his face in pig blood.

Jewish menstural fluid would have worked well, also.

Anyway, what’s done is done. Information gleaned from prisoners at Gitmo and from suspects sent via rendition to various other prisons around the world, led to the information we needed, which apparently we’ve had since either August or September. Fred-6 held several National Security Council meetings on what to do, and on the one hand there was the really lame idea the POTUS probably would’ve endorsed as a candidate – arrest him, read him his rights etc – and the killitwithfire approach of sending laser guided missiles into his compound in the middle of a Pakki resort town. Ultimately, Fred-6 opted for the option that was carried out – from my understanding, the Navy Seal group entered the compound, tried to get OBL to surrender, and after he used one of his wives as a human shield, they killed her and then him.

I’m perfectly happy with that end, and I applaud the POTUS for pulling the trigger on it. He’s done so little I’ve not despised that regarding this, it’s sort of refreshing to actually have something decent to say about something he did. This was a hard choice that could’ve backfired, so good for him – he made the right call. I didn’t watch his statement last night, but some Conservatives I like weren’t happy with all the “I me my” stuff in his speech (Rush gave the count today, and it was about average for our humble, god-fearing POTUS) – frankly, it doesn’t matter to me. OBL has been a very nasty bogeyman in this country for 10 years, and one thing that has changed about me since 9/11 is this, quoting Sam Jackson from A Time to Kill: I’m glad he’s dead and I hope he burns in hell.

Trudat, ‘cept I don’t believe in hell. Anyway…

So, returning to the paragraph that begins with “Anyway,” allow me to pose this question: Follow that scenario, from beginning to end, and how many of those actions and policies was Pres. Bush slandered, smeared, war-criminaled, etc for? I’ve ignored my Liberal friends on z’kook today who are happy that Fred-6 oversaw the death of OBL and upset that Conservatives are a bit non-plussed about it because the man who was to bring hope, change, and lower oceanic levels to the country has had precious little good news to offer his followers over the past two years.

Yet, were the situation reversed, I would be fuming if my guy won and the exact opposite were taking place. Imagine the nuclear meltdown on this site and others on the right had John McCain won the office, closed Gitmo, ended the FISA wire-tapping whatchamacallit, ended the drone strikes, ended rendition, and signed an executive order outlawing targeted killings (I thought they were illegal and have gotten no explanation on this – DWH, if you have any input it would be appreciated) . Had this happened, Cons like me would’ve been calling for McCain’s head ages ago.

Yet I don’t know any supporters of Fred-6 who have a problem with anything he’s doing – it’s not like I have coffee with a bunch of them on a weekly basis, but I’m uncertain where this robust love of country and targeted killings came from.

It’s a tacky point, but far less tacky than what would be happening at this very moment were a Republican named George Bush or John McCain in office (Christ, don’t even think if it was Sarah Palin who made this call). It almost seems like many of these actions would be of the type pursued by Eric Holder’s nihilistic Justice Department.

These are cynical propositions, but Fred-6 has made me one cynical motherfucker when it comes to politics. I don’t trust anything he says or does, because he is so thoroughly untrustworthy the mind reels.

To that end, I’m glad OBL is dead, and I trust that he is. I know Fred-6 and his adoring media will use this as the launching pad to a glide to re-election, but I don’t see that happening – the country’s economy is in way too much trouble right now, and no matter what the media say and do  (and that’s going to get to the intolerable point real fast), they cannot cover up the price of gas, food, inflation and unemployment.

Anyway, I’m going to enjoy the rest of the day. I’d be perfectly happy with May 1, the day OBL’s death was announced by the POTUS, being made a national holiday. This nation has had so little good news over the last decade – I think we earned it.


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2 Responses to Dead OBL warp drive

  1. dwh says:

    There’s plenty of Obama voters (including libertarians) who are upset that he has not lived up to Candidate Obama’s promises regarding the 4th amendment, habeas corpus and other uncomfortable intersections between the constitutional and national security issues. BTW, I think Obama partially “caved” on FISA while he was still a Senator by virtue of the telecom immunity legislation.

    Re: targeted killings – IIRC the constitutional controversy is when said killings are directed at an American citizen or someone on US territory when said “killees” arguably should be availed of constitutional protections regardless of what the gov’t has accused them of, esp absent a trial or even minimal evidentiary hearing.

    There is a smaller and overlapping set of critics who more generally have moral issues with any targeted killings regardless of US constitutional or treaty obligations.

    Regarding both sets of critics: You can find “precedent angst” on the left and libertarian sites regarding Julian Assange, Anwar al-Awlaki and others discussed by US officials (Congress and Exec) as potential targets for assassination.

    Focusing now on OBL: If you recall, Candidate Obama in ’08 promised to do exactly what transpired yesterday. Any Obama voters surprised by yesterday’s actions have only themselves to blame for not listening to him closely.

    Here’s a round-up of reactions from the left-libertarian commentariat:

  2. godsowncrunk says:

    TY for the explanation RE targeted killings – most of that sounds familiar, I just couldn’t piece it together. I actually heard the clip of Candidate Obama regarding OBL, crossing into Pakistan, etc – nice call.

    Even more bizarre-yet-timely? Most people don’t remember that one of Sarah Palin’s few legitimate gaffes as a Veep candidate happened in Philly. She was getting a cheesesteak and was asked by a voter what she would do if OBL was discovered to be in Pakistan – her answer was almost exactly the same as Candidate Obama’s, which was directly contrary to Sen. McCain’s position on the subject. The gaffe wasn’t that she was wrong, just that she contradicted the man at the top of the ticket.

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