Just sayin’

A recent comment I made that went on longer than I intended – figured it was worth posting on this here KBL tonight:

As one of the house Palinistas, I’m quite happy with Donald Trump and what he’s doing – at least there’s finally a potential candidate other than the ‘Cuda who has no issue mocking and belittling z’Dear Leader. Trump’s not a Conservative, and all of us who are Conservatives who love us some Trump know that – yet, he’s taken a chainsaw to the Obama Mystique (whatever that may be) like no one since the ‘Cuda, and for that we’re eternally grateful.

I was talking about this phenomenon with my sis, who is much more socially conservative than I am. She used the same words I use when describing Trump – “he draws [rhetorical] blood, what’s not to like?” In one month, Trump did what no ideological Conservative could do in three years: effectively bring the BC issue to a boil, forcing the POTUS to make either an unforced error, or squander a political diamond he was saving for later.

It is silly season right now – ideological purity in theoretical POTUS matchups is an absurd expectation – Trump is doing what needs to be done, and while his reasons are a mystery to me, I love what he’s doing. For now, I’ll take the guy with the giant mic and zero need for self-censorship. He’s clearing the forest for the return of the ‘Cuda, which is fine by me.

Aside from ‘Cuda, how many genuine Conservatives considering running who have any shot of winning would continue to drop bombs like Trumps dropping after the race card had been deployed so many times? None of ‘em, which is one of many reasons they can’t win and shouldn’t be the nominee.


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