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I haven’t enjoyed a day in politics this much in awhile. I’m still at a loss for words how Fred-6 could’ve been so stupid to fall into this trap – yessir, I wanted him to release the damn birth certificate, but I didn’t think my man The Donald screaming about it for a month would actually make The Cool One flinch. So fucking funny I didn’t forget to laugh repeatedly. From Allah:

The One must be kicking himself after reading that. If only he’d answered questions about releasing the birth certificate with “at the appropriate time.” Turns out the Democrats were right about their having a problem with “messaging.”

Robert Gibbs also called on Trump to release his tax returns today. Trump’s response: “Gibbs is a loser.” Touche.

via Trump: You’re welcome, America « Hot Air.


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4 Responses to Trump: You’re welcome, America « Hot Air

  1. dwh says:

    There are a number of state legislative bills requiring various processes for showing proof of citizenship for future presidential candidates.

    These state birther bills are beginning to hit desks of many governors in states that didn’t need the distraction, the constitutional controversy (state vs. fed issue), or costs of defending the inevitable lawsuits that would follow the laws.

    I’m sure Fallin is breathing a sigh of relief today that she has a good reason to veto the pending law in OK and focus our state’s efforts on other business. Oklahoma has enough unconstitutional laws on the books that are costing precious $$ (and inevitably jobs) to defend.

  2. godsowncrunk says:

    I think the so-called birther bills are a waste of time because I don’t think this will ever be an issue again. However, as you know, there are two requirements for being POUTS: 35 or older, and an natural-born American citizen – I don’t see how proving the latter is unconstitutional fwiw (or I misunderstood your point – apolz in adv if that’s the case).

    Be that as it may, Oklahoma, the GOP and the Conservatives unfortuantely lumped in with them now have a bigger problem since Rep. Kern decided to rap the ‘minorities are lazy’ gavel in front of a live audience. Jeebus.

  3. dwh says:

    If Hawaii certifies that Obama was qualified via natural born citizen (which it did in 2008 via short-form COLB), then Full Faith and Credit Clause under Article IV, Section I would require other states to accept the public records of Hawaii.

    Let’s say states did not want to accept Hawaii as compelled by the Constitution. What if those states enact laws that require more than the two qualifications you listed above (as did the AZ law which required additional baptismal certification)? Those laws with additional certification will be in further conflict and violation with the Constitution.

    Even if there was no constitutional crisis, consider the practical result of these bills. Imagine the nightmare all 50 states coming up with additional qualifications or different interpretations for the two requirements for POTUS.

    I realize that it’s all a parlor game, that these bills were not really about “the Constitution” but more about wreaking havoc on Obama.

    Bottomline – GOP will have to face Obama fair and square in the 2012 election; they are not going to win by some contrived deus ex machina.

    Re: Kern – Her “misspoke” excuse is suspect when she read from prepared remarks. She’ll stay though, because she represents the viewpoints of many of her constituents.

  4. godsowncrunk says:

    Trudat on Kern, and tks for the clarification RE: constitutionality. Also – if we get a truly fair-and-square election, I’ll thank my lucky stars.

    I remember a time when only the dorkiest of the dorky like yours truly followed politics year-round – now it seems like a national hobby-turned-neuroses aka imo, I don’t think we’ll ever have a fair election again because too many noobs are now involved, demanding perfection from a system that ain’t, and going to court when their way’s not won. The Left is horrid at this, but my side is guilty on occasion as well.

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