Obama’s birth certificate: The issue will last as long as his presidency. – By David Weigel – Slate Magazine

An interesting piece from Dave Weigel, and for a change someone points out that yes, it was HRC’s campaign who got the ball rolling on the business and certain Conservatives were happy to play along. Although I’ve gotten amusement out of trolling and banhammering mindless Liberals on my Facebook feed today with this information, it’s really sad that so many Donkeys don’t realize it was one of their heroes who cracked open this box’d’Pandora:

The early birthers were conservatives and Clinton supporters, people with intense interest in denying the presidency to Obama by any means necessary. The Hillary supporters did some of the hardest digging. It was one of them, going by the name TexDarlin, who took up a challenge to find a contemporary birth announcement for Obama in 1961 Honolulu newspapers. In late July 2008, she found two of them. (Her original post announcing this has been deleted.)

That wasn’t enough to put the fire out. In August, before the Democratic convention, a Philadelphia attorney named Phil Berg, whose most recent high-profile lawsuits had been filed to bring attention to 9/11 conspiracy theorists, filed a lawsuit against Obama. The lawsuit was a bouillabaisse of discredited claims. Berg resurrected that 2007 CNN story about Obama’s Indonesian school to argue—without basis—that Obama must have given up his citizenship in the 1960s.

via Obama’s birth certificate: The issue will last as long as his presidency. – By David Weigel – Slate Magazine.


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