Fred-6 and brains

One of the galling things about Fred-6’s coronation was the assumption that he’s some kind of uber-genius, even though there was zero evidence of this being the case, at least beyond Liberal projection. Ace has a long piece up right now about the man’s grades in Law School (at least what we know of them, or at least his general academic performance) and … well, you read it- interesting stuff:

Law Review didn’t used to be some kind of social-engineering fakey honor. It used to be reserved for the top-graded people in a class, and all taking pretty much the same damn courses (the rigid first year curriculum where I think you get exactly one elective all year or something). That, and, in some schools, a blind writing competition — no name attached, your identity (and race) carefully hidden behind only a number assigned to your paper.

Similarly, when I think “magna,” I think “top of the class,” and go with my own experience that it really means “seriously, the top of the class, not the top 50% of the class.”

Obama may have had outstanding grades and may have earned every inch of the Law Review and magna honors. But the fact that his grades are kept as state secrets, while only the honors themselves are mentioned, makes me think we’re looking at C+/B- situation here.

Like — about the same as George Bush (and about the same as Al Gore and John Kerry, not that the media ever talks about their lackluster academic performances).

via Ace of Spades HQ.


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