The ‘Cuda is back, and so is z’King: Epic post commencing…

I’m working on a post that should be up by 1600-CST that will focus on Sarah Palin and her Madison-WI speech from yesterday. Via C4P, here’s the video to the speech and courtesy Gov. Palin’s Facebook, here’s the text.

Also, I’d note that so epic was the Cuda’s oratory yesterday that I was compelled, for the fourth time, to re-introduce “The 1812 Overture,” complete with bombs dropping. Why’s this? Because the ‘Cuda doesn’t give speeches anymore so much as drop bombs.

Also, she’s made nothing official, but I’m not alone in thinking that yesterday’s speech was her unofficial entry into the 2012 race – ergo, the Cuda12 category at your right. Check back after 1630 or so and this post will be complete. –z’King


Epic post complete – enjoy…

So, let’s start at the beginning…

Fred-6’s re-election campaign is shooting for a $1 billion war-chest to get him re-elected, and assuming a Walton doesn’t throw his hat in as a Conservative entry, no Conservative is going to match this. Quoting Dolly Parton quite accurately, it takes a lot of money to look that cheap.

The 2012 POTUS sweepstakes will be the most important election of my lifetime thus far. It’s popular to say that about most elections, but in this case, it’s true. A few days before the 2008 election, Fred-6 said that in five days, they were about to fundamentally transform this country, and he was not lying. If he wins re-election, this nation is doomed. It will be fundamentally transformed, and it will not regain its vigor of the pre-9/11 era in my lifetime without an equally fundamental de-transformation, one that will not happen without a large-scale citizen revolt, something I don’t want to happen.

With each election, the American electorate gets more and more dulled to the far left loons Democrats nominate for POTUS. Jimmy Carter was a card-carrying Conservative compared to Mondale. Bill Clinton was a draft-dodging, dope-smoking deviant who thought it wise to spend time in Russia in the 1960s, a man whose Id was led by meandering pecker into every piece of low-scale, no-self-esteem hick rut that would spread its legs. Yep, he moved to the center to win re-election, but he was and remains a leftists, though Billy was a dreamboat compared to the nightmare before us now. At heart, I don’t think Bill Clinton hated or hates the United States – if Fred-6 doesn’t hate it, he certainly resents it.

After Clinton, the Democrats hysterically nominated Allbert Gore, a man so … weird … that he took fashion advice from Naomi Wolff, wore more rouge than a Colfax hooker and made an absolute fool out of himself before committing the single most vicious, nonviolent act ever perpetrated on this country by one of its leaders: after losing an election he should’ve won in a cakewalk, he would not concede, and this nation’s policy debates and politics have been ruthless, brutal and nasty ever since. Liberals have not and will not forgive or forget Bush v. Gore, and they have used that flimsy, ill-conceived and false narrative (Bush/the GOP/SCOUTS stole the election) to unfurl their true colors for all to see and hear for the past 11 years.

Bitches, aren’t they all?

From Gore the Democrats moved to John Kerry, who had the second-most Liberal voting record in the Senate. The media tried to use forged documents to unseat Pres. Bush, and when they were proved wrong on that, Bush – no Conservative, mind you – won the day. Then, they found the ultra-liberal Barack Obama. Who comes next, I have no idea. I assume Libs will push for Michelle Obama to get her turn since it appears the best way or a female liberal to get ahead in national politics in this country is by choosing the proper cock to suck on in their mid-20s. Worked for Hillary, and presumably it could work for Our Lady Junk in the Trunk.

For now, though, we are stuck with Fred-6, the greatest fraud foisted on the American people since Jack Kennedy made it possible for government employees to unionize. Which will do more damage is ultimately anyone’s guess – when one leg’s being taken off by a chainsaw while the other one’s being eaten alive by a pit bull, the amount of damage isn’t so much as important as the pain being imparted equally.

I fired up the KBL on November 5, 2010 as an outlet to talk politics. The lone goal of the KBL is to write about how to get Fred-6 out of office. I have made it clear that I’m in the tank for Gov. Palin until she announces she will not run. I do this because I don’t think she will sell out Conservatives and among the field, I think she is the only person who can beat him. Ergo, so long as Fred-6 is in office, he is the focal point, and as long as Sarah Palin is possibly running, then she is the Queen of the KBL.

For a Conservative who isn’t a Republican, this is a horrid time politically. We have almost no leaders, few voices and little influence. The Tea Party won big in November, and those results were immediately ignored by Fred-6 and GOP leadership.

What we now face is a deficit we cannot pay for, a President who has zero conception of what leadership is or how to affect it, and a proxy party in the GOP that is primarily filled with influence-peddling pansies whose idea of a longview is winning Phyrric victories while the war collapses around them.

For nearly three years, there has been one figure in politics who can do and has done the following things, in order:

  1. 1.       Attract national attention
  2. 2.       Circumvent traditional media access and still drive media cycles
  3. 3.       Critique Fred-6 in a manner that cuts to the bone, is easily understandable to people who don’t follow politics on a daily basis, and hit where it hurts so hard that the President’s fan-base can’t help but over-react and thus prove her point
  4. 4.       Be willing to take bullets no other leader will take in expressing common views held by many Americans, especially regarding the skyrocketing national debt

Sarah Palin is the only Republican who has earned the right to try to defeat Fred-6’s political-industrial complex, she is the only person who can defeat this man, and on the slight chance she does, she is the only person that will not sell us down the river as soon as she gets into office.

I do not care what any poll says, nor do I care what independents think of her, nor do I care what The Panel says about her, nor do I care about the jokes made about her, nor do I care what my non-Conservative friends think about her, nor do I care where she went to school, nor do I care about anything other than this: She says what she means, she means what she says, she governed as she preached, she preaches as she governed, and she shares my utter distaste for the empty-suited figurehead that despises the country he sought to lead. She understands and speaks to the very realized Conservative fear that Fred-6 resents us, resents our politics, resents our success and resents our basic values. She understands more than any other person in this country the lengths the Democrat party, the American Media, and Fred-6 Inc are willing to go to silence  anyone who poses a political threat to their personification of everything they believe, namely Fred-6. They are far more obsessed with her than even the most rabid Palinista, and they will stop at nothing to ensure she does not defeat Fred-6.

Yesterday, in Madison-WI, Sarah Palin reminded everyone why what she says matters. She repeatedly cut to the chase and called out the President by name, and with a smile on her face she talked over the astroturfed union opposition bussed into the Madison Tea Party and set down a clinic regarding the American answer to free speech being more speech, and the Democrat, union, Fred-6 endorsed answer to free speech is noisemakers and attempts to drown out anyone speaking you don’t like.

In any big ‘Cuda speech, she covers the necessary points that any other Conservative would cover (but no other Conservative politician seems to be covering these days) but she adds the spice that is the much-needed succor to arouse the spirit of the troops. In 15 minutes, she managed to mock the POTUS’s penchant for overusing the term let me be clear before he tells a falsehood, the titles to each of his memoirs, and yes, the bowing and kowtowing. The ‘Cuda understands that old scabs are quite fun to pick at, and she did so with relish.


As readers of the GOC know, I’m a futbol fanatic. Watching the ‘Cuda’s speech reminded me of watching high-stakes match – there was a dull roar going on for the entire 15 minutes of her speech, and it was all sound and fury signifying nothing. I’m shocked the union protesters weren’t smart enough to bring vuvzelas, the jack-wagons. While most of us would be as miserable cold as everyone on the stage behind her, this woman…

[I have met Sarah Palin and she is tiny. I’m a normal-sized guy at 6’ 225 or so and my hand, which can barely palm a basketball, swallowed hers, and she is much thinner in person than what you see on television. The polite word is petite, I suppose – she is tiny. Were I guessing, I’d say the mother of five weighs about a hundred pounds, 110 tops. –z’King]

…came on-stage wearing a silver, silky blouse. No coat, no hat, no scarf, no gloves. Although for political and family reasons she cannot, in a world without morals and mores, Sarah Palin would carry a Fendi bag with her everywhere she went, and stitched on that bag would be the words Bad Motherfucker.

She came out to Van Halen’s Right Now, which happened to be the big inspirational song that went on all the senior videos the year I graduated high school. Watch her – she smiles, she waves, she ad-libs. Like any good pol, she makes local references that resonate, and not once does she hint that the very loud attempt to drown her out has phased her. The entire speech, she is happy to be there, she’s smiling, she’s laughing, she’s pointing at people, and yes, she calls out the protesters early on, not to shush them, but to tell them that Gov. Walker did what was best for them, not what was best for union bosses and Democrat politicians the world over.

Here’s the deal: when Sarah Palin speaks, she inspires confidence, optimism, and even that four-letter word made obscene by Fred-6: hope. When other GOP hopefuls speak, my eyes roll, my hand slaps my forehead, my mouth begins dropping eff-bombs, and my texts to friends are as off-color as they are infuriated and frustrating.

I’m in a small-but-no-doubt-growing segment of the population that spends a whole lotta time reading partisan political blogs. The blogs I read – most of which are listed to the right – are mixed on Palin as a viable candidate for 2012. Everyone likes her, but many Conservatives – not RINOs, Conservatives – are mixed.

One thing I’ve noticed over the past month or two, a period when Palin has been fairly quiet, is that re-revisions have started. Writers that I respect are starting to scale-back their legit critiques of ‘Cuda and are starting to remember why she holds the place she does: when the ‘Cuda goes silent, there isn’t anyone else attempting to fill the vacuum she leaves behind. I think part of her being quiet for the last couple of months was to see who would fill that vacuum. The Answer:

Not one bloody hopeful.

And so…

It’s all-in time, baby. The CW today is that she’s running. I’m still not as convinced, but now more than ever, I want her on that wall and I need her on that wall. Unlike Andrew Breitbart and Glenn Beck, I do not think that she is “too big” for the Presidency, and I don’t think she should have a talk show. I think implying and saying such a thing is disrespectful to her, and it’s certainly disrespectful to the office. We currently have a POTUS who thinks he’s too big for it, and we can see where that’s gotten us.

Run Sarah run, that’s what I think. I sold out long ago and punched an early ticket on the ‘Cuda train, but time is getting short and shit’s getting’ real.

In a phrase…



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One Response to The ‘Cuda is back, and so is z’King: Epic post commencing…

  1. Eric says:

    I must admit, the ascension of Donald Trump has me giving Palin another look. If we’re gonna go down that road, I’d rather go down it with Palin, though I still think she is a guaranteed looser against Obama in 2012 (or more correctly, I think the scorcheed earth policy applied to Obama will turn out to be a loser with independents, regardless of which politician carries it out).

    As of today my primary pick is still T-Paw, but I’m not any more excited about him than I was 6 months ago. I just still think he is the most conservative candidate who has a chance of winning.

    That said, I don’t even know if I am capable of going ‘all in’ for a politician anymore, plus I think it is too late no matter who wins. You say the 2012 election is the most important of our lifetimes, I think it is more likely the 2008 (or even 2004) election was the Last Free Exit, and we didn’t take it. 2012 is more about getting to say ‘I told you so.’ as we pass the first road sign that says, “Toll Booth Ahead”.

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