American Thinker: Everything I Need to Know about President Donald Trump, I Learned by Watching The Apprentice

Yes – I’m still on the Trump Train, and nothing he’s said or done so far has changed that. Some Conservatives are unhappy about Trump’s sudden rise, while others – like me – are thrilled with it. I see both sides clearly, but as the ‘Cuda lays low, I’ll take what I can get. Here’s a great piece from AmThink:

The entire premise of Celebrity Apprentice is that celebrities compete to raise money for their favorite charities.  The amount of money theyre able to raise each week varies, but its usually in the tens of thousands, sometimes reaching over one hundred thousand dollars.  According to an NBC press release, last season alone, the show raised over $1,250,000 for charity.  Celebrity Apprentice helps to humanize Trump.  No, youll probably never see him shedding Boehner-style tears, but throughout the proceedings, Trump does have his moments of compassion and empathy for others.Now, it would be easy to write off Trumps television persona as mere performance art.  After all, he could be scripted.  At a minimum, the shows producers surely set the stage for Trump to come off smelling like roses week after week.  But what politician doesnt have such handlers working hard to make him look good?  And anyone who watched the Today interview would have to come away with a clear sense that Trump is his own man.  Most likely, the Donald Trump we see on The Apprentice is as close to the real Donald as anyone gets to see.  With Trump, what you see is what you get; there are no holds barred and no punches pulled.  Sure, the ego is on full display sometimes, but the man has also clearly matured with age.

via American Thinker: Everything I Need to Know about President Donald Trump, I Learned by Watching The Apprentice.


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4 Responses to American Thinker: Everything I Need to Know about President Donald Trump, I Learned by Watching The Apprentice

  1. Eric says:

    I’d vote for a heroin addicted street whore before I’d vote for Obama, but jeeze… Trump? I’ll give the guy a fair shake, but he better start saying somethig soon that doesn’t make me cringe. Stealing oil from democracies, starting a trade war with China, and his most vocal criticisms of Obama has been over his birth certificate? OK, he does a pretty good job of goosing Obama for being such a pansy on foreign policy, but here’s the truth: The current reality of our situation is such that a President who acted strontg on FP would be doing just exactly that, acting. We are a hollow shell of a strong nation, sort of like Eddie Willer’s rotten tree in the first chapter of Atlas Shrugged, and no amount of sharp dealing on FP is going to help us until we get our domestic house in order. I agree that Obama is horrible on FP, but Trump seems to think that is why other nations disrespect us… not true. Other nations disrespect us because we have become a dishonorable nation, running a giant economic ponzi scheme on our own people and on the rest of the world. What China does with their currency pales in comparison to what we do with ours. Starting a trade war over it is a giant case of the pot calling the kettle black.

    Trump in the past has voiced policy opinions that I like, but that is all intermeshed with batshit insanity. He’s got a very libertarian lean, pro-legalization of MJ, is pro-choice (like myself, reluctantly so), prefers replacing Soc Sec with private accounts, and he’s voiced support for doing away with the Department of Education.

    But on the other hand, he has at various times in the past advocated a 14% tax on the NET FUCKING WORTH of everyone worth more than $10 Million, has said that only police should be allowed to have assault weapons, had been perilously close to advocating hybrid govt/private enterprises to fix healthcare, and has donated money to the campaign chests of the likes of Ted Kennedy, Charlie Rangle, and (in 2010!!!!) Harry Reid.

    In short, Donald Trump is an excellent business man (you almost can’t negotiate deals for a living without havng read Art Of The Deal), but as a politician he is mostly just an exhibitionist, doesn’t seem to be rooted in any particular ideology, and is not the man to lead us out of this mess. In fact, he very well could do worse than Obama (4 years of trade wars with China and fighting wars over Iraq oil that we have claimed as our own would quite probably yield worse results than 4 years of Obama).

    And then of course there’s this: “The concern is that if I don’t win, will I run as an independent, and the answer is probably yes.”

    Yay, just what we needed, a right wing Ralph Nader.
    If we’re going to run somebody this crazy who probably can’t win, give me Ron Paul. At least he’s consistant.

  2. dwh says:

    If the most important issue to movement conservatives at the end of the day is preventing the US from going bankrupt, I’m not sure the Don has the track record for the job.

    OTOH, Celebrity Apprentice has rehabbed the image of Gary Busey (AKA Teddy Jack Eddy in Tulsa) as being somewhat less crazy than previously assumed, and for that Trump has my gratitude.

    Because everyone knows that a functioning Busey (Fingers crossed) means we’re one step closer to the greenlighting of Point Break II: Bend-Don’t-Break!

    (Apologies in advance for my frivolous comments on the very serious matter of Donald Trump running for POTUS).

  3. Eric says:

    I’ve never watched Celebrity Apprentice, but there is nothing frivolous about the mental state of Gary Busey. We are all just figments of his imagination… as his mind goes, America goes.

  4. godsowncrunk says:

    Make no mistake – the discussion of z’Trump as POTUS is Serious Bidness, especially now that he’s playing a low-stakes game of Liar’s Poker with the slope-headed jackalopes running the GOP. Jeebus help us all…

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