The American Spectator : Patricia Harrison and the 2012 Republican Divide

Via Mark Levin’s Facebook page, another epic piece at AmSpec, which seems to be churning one out once every other week any more. What is so frustrating about the phenomena discussed here is that people who are happy to eat the cake they have not made are those who are in power in the GOP. As many realize, the struggle Sarah Palin and others similar to her face isn’t with the media or with Democrats, it’s with the GOP, the spineless, gutless organization that hasn’t lifted a finger while a bunch of people they look down on have managed to slow down Fred-6’s madness for a couple years.

Anyway – great piece, read it all baby:

Limited government? From Patricia Harrison to President Bush 43 to Senator John McCain to Senator Scott Brown to Governor Romney and Governor Huntsman and ex-Bush Solicitor General Ted Olson and political consultant John Weaver…all are believers in it. Sort of. Kind of. Unless, of course, were talking about the governments right to decide the wattage of your light bulbs, take your tax money and give it to a favored special interest group Planned Parenthood in this case, insist that more tax money be used to fund NPR, remove your ability under the law to decide the definition of marriage, mandate that if you live in Massachusetts you must buy health insurance, or believe that the government should be taxing you for the latest global warming fad.Again, these arent bad people. Surely to the contrary. But they simply cannot find it in themselves to sign on with the seriously real idea of what “limited government” really entails. Which is precisely why there are so many Republican fingerprints on that telltale $14 trillion deficit some 8 decades in the making.

via The American Spectator : Patricia Harrison and the 2012 Republican Divide.


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