Report: Bachmann presidential exploratory committee coming in June or sooner « Hot Air

It looks like Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) is serious about running. As a Palinista, I’m mixed on this for one reason and one reason only: I don’t think Bachmann would’ve even gotten this ball rolling if she knew Palin was going to run; ergo, more signs pointing to Palin not running.

With that said, I like Rep. Bachmann and would gladly support her in place of Palin. Although some would argue – for the reasons Ed lists below – that she’s not a serious candidate, she now makes four people I would support for the nomination – in order, Palin, Cain, Bachmann, and T-Paww. Way too early to slice and dice, but I have very little negative to say about the woman:

I’m always skeptical of presidential campaigns that start from the House.  America has only elected one Congressman to the presidency, James Garfield, and that was more than 130 years ago.  The position represents a relatively small political unit, and lacks the constituency that a governor or a Senator can claim from having won state-wide election at least once.  However, given Bachmann’s success in promoting and organizing within the Tea Party movement, where her status rivals that of Sarah Palin, the constituency issue may not be as critical as it would be for other members aiming for the White House instead of another term in the other House on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Anyone who knows Bachmann knows that she lacks nothing in drive or courage.  Still, in this coming cycle, we can expect to see executive competence become a big issue, and the Republican nominee will have to possess a track record for accomplishment in that context.  Bachmann’s resumé does not include significant executive experience, and none in politics, which puts her at a disadvantage when pitted against governors expected to run for the office, including her fellow Minnesotan Tim Pawlenty.

via Report: Bachmann presidential exploratory committee coming in June or sooner « Hot Air.


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