A jumping off point: RCP – We Don’t Know What We Are Doing

I’m going to use this as a jumping-off point to discuss Fred-6’s foray into the use of military force, and that’s a poor way to put it – first, here’s a thought-provoking piece, interesting:

Of course, nobody’s perfect; and our information isn’t always reliable, either. Conditions may otherwise change so mysteriously, in the course of the conflict, that what looked good in prospect comes to look pretty bad in retrospect. Luck might even come into this.

Prudence, in the higher moral sense, cannot be reduced to a formula, yet the attempt by such great minds as those of Augustine and Thomas Aquinas to think through the requirements of prudence in war cast much light on our quandaries. Into sin we may fall, but we must try to live justly.

In a way almost touching, the Bush administration tried to meet all the criteria of a just war, when invading Afghanistan, then Iraq. They tried to meet the Powell maxims, too. They went to elaborate and exhausting lengths to leave “democratic” and constitutional regimes, in a most unfavourable region. For this, especially, they endured the contempt of the world’s most aggressively self-righteous people.

Who, in turn, seem to be rallying behind the Security Council resolution of Thursday night, which “authorizes” the enforcement not only of no-fly zones over Libya, but any other uses to which military forces may be put, short of a decisive ground invasion.

The very fact that Russia and China failed to veto this resolution, speaks against it. That it fails not on one, but on every single criterion of a just war, should be noted. That it fails the Powell test is a matter of course.

via RealClearPolitics – We Don’t Know What We Are Doing.


I think an issue I have with blogs of all political stripes is it seems that bloggers often feel the need to comment on everything. I’ve read a whole lotta commentary about Fred-6, Libya etc, and I still haven’t the foggiest idea where to stand on this.

Then there is my larger conundrum: I do not trust any intention Fred-6 has in regard to America’s interests. While I think the only disaster worse than his FoPo is his DoMo, I honestly don’t think I can speak clearly, credibly and objectively about whatever it is we’re trying to accomplish in Libya – sadly, I don’t think the people in charge of this have any better idea than I do.

The larger point, for me, is savaging DoMo efforts and diplomatic efforts overseas are one thing, but what, exactly, are we to say about our policy towards Libya? Qadaffi is crushing rebels, yes, but aren’t those rebels Al-Qaeda? Whose side should we be on? Anyone’s?

I don’t know – the point of having a strong department of State, Defense, etc, is that the smartest people in the country are supposed to be running such outfits, and by smartest I mean “best person available for the job.” I’m hard on HRC, but I don’t think I’m being unfair when I say she has no more business being SecState than Fred-6 does being POTUS. Neither have run jack shit, and neither have had to make decisions, and it’s painfully obvious now (more than ever) why that’s a big fucking problem when it comes to FoPo, especially when The Shit Gets Hot.

So, for me this isn’t a political thing – as noted, nothing Fred-6 could do could make me like him at this point, and he only has farther to fall in my eyes. Ergo, I can’t comment without bias-blinders on this situation without looking silly, or at least sillier than usual.

Now, if I wanted to, I could score the same cheap, oblique political points that the Left spent six years savaging Pres. Bush with, but I won’t do that. So pointless – so very, very pointless.

Although the KBL is the lesser-viewed of the two pillars of The Dope Show, I’d be curious to see comments on this if anyone has any. What do you think about … whatever it is … we’re doing with/to/against Libya, the lobbing of cruise missiles, etc? How does that square with your view of Fred-6 and the platform he ran on?

That’s not a loaded question – my views about the man are pretty plain, but I’ve no idea what to think about this – fill me in.


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2 Responses to A jumping off point: RCP – We Don’t Know What We Are Doing

  1. Eric says:

    My thoughts:

    Balance the budget and pay off the national debt and then I’ll support this kind of stuff, maybe, if a conservative who spent half his life in the military is in charge, and even then probably not. As it is, fuck all else, we can’t afford to be spending hundreds of millions (billions?) of dollars enforcing no fly zones, which always has the potential for escalationl

    This is the kind of luxurious frivoltry a superpower dabbles in at the height of its ascendency… not when it’s in a financial, social, political, and existential tailspin. Any American (right wing, left wing, chicken wing) who can’t see this very well be in denial about the severity of our current situation. As for those who can see it, and think it’s worth the (borrowed) money anyway, then I simply question thier priorities. I mean, I’m all for defunding NPR, but I like those folks a damn sight better than the people on either side of the Libyan conflict.

  2. Eric says:

    As for how it squares with my perception of Obama, it is truly one of the more shocking things I’ve seen him do. The majority of what he’s done as President fits well with the perception I had of him as a candidate. This is far out of character. But here’s what I think is likely: As POTUS, Obama spends a lot more of his time with military people and strategic military thinkers than he ever has before in his life, and they probably use Jedi Mind Tricks on him to get him to do what they want. If he spent his mornings getting security updates from hippies, we’d probably be dropping flowers and LSD on Libya right now… In short, I think he’s just THAT easily influenced.

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