The good King has spoken

I have no idea why I comment at heavily-trafficked Internet sites. I rarely return to see if anyone replies, and I usually spend more time composing a comment – even a line or two – than most people do making love. Anyway, over at HotAir, the results of their relatively regular reader poll were released, and the comments are on fire about the nature of the HotAir commentariat, the obsession with Palin, various troll-calling, and is, in general, a nice snapshot of where everyday Conservatism is, the part on the right that hasn’t gone off the Sponsored by Ron Paul deep end.

To wit, I wrote a long comment (I’m a semi-regular commenter there; the only other places I comment are at Moxie’s and a Chan or two). I thought I’d share it – it’s plies much of the same turf you read here on a semi-regular basis, but it was long enough to share. Before we get to the comment, a few thoughts about HotAir, commenters and the digitally political universe in general.

Although I could easily be accused of groupthink or hivvethink, there are three must-read blogs for Conservatives who can’t get enough just listening to Rush each day: HotAir, Ace and RedState. HotAir is my favorite, but Ace is the better overall site in terms of writing and analysis. I’m relatively new to RedState, but I love it.

As a rule, I’m not a comment-reader except on sites where the comments are so overwhelmingly asinine/lulzy that the whole point is to read the comments (think Chans). When I read the comments at HotAir, I’m overwhelmed by how negative they are – sure, everyone can be an asshole on the Internet, but the notion that people who don’t agree with you or the hive are thus trolls is a rather newfangled popular thingamajig for, I guess, people new to this here interactive netz. At the most notorious of Chans, there are two basic principles regarding trolls:

  1. The board itselfs is trollz trolling trollz trolling trollz, and
  2. Trying to troll it is like pissing in an ocean of piss

I’ve always thought HotAir was a good site – still do. I actually think it’s gotten a lot better since Michelle Malkin sold it, a minority and unpopular view indeed. Many readers get infuriated by Allah’s prodding of Palinistas, and you go to the link above, you can read the comments abounding with theories about this.

Whatever – this was going to go somewhere, but it’s not.

I omitted the phrasing from an earlier comment that sparked mine, because I think the comment stands up fine without it:

I understand Christie’s popularity – if nothing else, the man gives good toobz. However, he’s not a conservative. Never has been, never will be. For Conservative True Believers of the moment, there are three palatable names out there who are actively running or haven’t ruled it who could also compete – Palin, Cain, Pawlenty, and T-Paw’s infatuation with green initiatives makes him suspect and his book was boring as Saturday night church.

Can they win? I don’t know, nor does anyone else. I’m a Palinista, but I’d take Cain or Pawlenty in a heartbeat. The rest of the herd will sell conservatives down the river for a bag of silver coins, and that’s if we’re lucky – Newt and Mitt already have on more than one occasion, and Huck is a bleeding-heart waiting to be exploited (again).

Christie will too if he takes the chance. I don’t care what polls say and I don’t care what Ann Coulter says, Christie is not now nor was he ever a conservative. It’s not wishful thinking – if you like him, nothing wrong with that, but I repeat: Christie is not at conservative. Yes, he berates public union members on YouTube and it’s great – that does not now nor has it ever made him a conservative. We’re lucky to have him as governor of a blue state, just as we’re lucky to have Scott Brown – it doesn’t make them something they’re not.

My primary desire, as I assume much of the HotAir readership’s, is to field a candidate who can either beat Pres. Obama, or who will at least go down fighting. Palin and Cain are the only two I can think of who will do this, at least from what I’ve seen thus far. I have great hopes for Cain, and every time he speaks he doesn’t disappoint.

We live in a world where our GOP politicians who are a) White and b) Male live in fear of being branded racist, and as a white man, I understand why – how many political careers of white male GOPers have been ruined by the smears of fabricated racism? Any candidate – yes, even Cain, or even West, should he decide to run – will have to face up to the race card that will be dealt daily against the stacked hand of Obama’s machine. Most of the considered front-runners have not exhibited the spine or the courage under political fire to make me think that’s going to change in the next 18 months.

Yes, Sarah Palin resigned as governor – everyone is aware of this. Her explanation for doing so speaks for itself – accept it or don’t. She is the only person in the field who commands the media attention, money and following who has lived and governed primarily as a conservative. She has her flaws – no one is perfect. However, I’m tired of being sold out by GOPers – Mitt, Newt, Huck and on down the line will sell us out. I hate to use the term, but they are Judases to the conservative movement, every last one of them.

tl;dr – Palin will not sell out conservatives, nor will Cain. Everyone else has much to prove.




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6 Responses to The good King has spoken

  1. elixelx says:

    Buddy, you KNOW what Cons are afraid of with nominating Sarah Palin: that she will HAVE to face Barry-boy in debate and that he will humiliate her intellectually–and THAT, my friend is where their fears are misplaced; I believe that if SP just sticks to her fields of expertise, admits that she doesn’t know everything and speaks from the heart, Barry’s nose-in-the-air attitudes will seem even more haughty, more condescending and more bullying than ever…
    But there is another solution, one which will absolutely destroy Barry. We must put up against him a working intellectual; a man of the field and of the university; somebody who knows Barry’s every foible and fault and gaffe and mannerism; a man who is as humble as he is wise…and give him Sarah Palin as Number Two on the ticket.
    Is there such a man, to whom SP will play second fiddle WILLINGLY? Not in the present field, but there is such a man who will have to have greatness thrust upon him….and his name is… VICTOR DAVIS HANSON!
    Spread the word, buddy…Hanson/Palin 2012!

  2. Eric says:


    I’ve thought before that it is just a matter of time until a few popular midlevel conservabloggers make the leap into big time politics. It pays better and the trolls are better looking, so why not?

  3. elixelx says:

    You don’t know who VDH is, do you, Eric?

  4. Eric says:

    I just know him from various posts across the blogosphere as a Bush/Iraq fan and supporter of classical education. Don’t know his biography. But my point was, eventually we are going to see guys like VDH make the jump from activism/punditry into politics.

  5. godsowncrunk says:

    fwiw, I’ve followed VDH’s work for years. An entry into politics on his part would be a great thing, but he would be more in line for, at most, governor or California, and I think that’s as far as his ambition would ever go. His writing about the state’s agrarian policies are fascinating to me, and I have zero interest in the subject. In short, he’s a man of the soil.

  6. elixelx says:

    Supporter of classical education, indeed! That’s like saying Muhammad Ali was just a boxer!
    Precisely the point, Eric, is that he’s NOT an activist, NOT a war-monger, NOT a Washingtonian insider, NOT an elitist. He IS a farmer; He IS a professor of History at Stanford; He IS a tour leader on annual historical cruises…above all he knows the faults and foibles of barry, as he sees them, and has chronicled them ALL, through clear Conservative eyes!
    Hanson/Palin 2012 would be a steamroller! All that would be left of barry and joe would be flat, two-dimensional cartoon cut-outs (but that’s redundant!)
    It is a tragedy/farce that there are not more like VDH/Palin in Washington–but it’s coming…it’s coming…

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