I didn’t watch it, but sounds like Herman Cain cleaned up at last night’s Iowa thingamajig, which is good enough for me to post about it here (also good enough is R.S. McCain being In Like with Cain as well – we fire-breathing Cons must stick together, no?). Also – added a link to Citizens4Cain in the blogroll.

Just to recap, the appeal of Herman Cain:

  1. He’s actually a Conservative
  2. He’s not of government
  3. He’s a successful businessman
  4. Most importantly – he can speak clearly, explaining what he thinks, why he thinks the way he does and can do so without boring the audience.

Cain and Palin – these are the two choices. I wish T-Paw was, but he’s just not the guy. If he gets the nod, I hope I’m wrong, but I won’t be.


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One Response to Cain!

  1. Eric says:

    I’m open to Cain. He’s got a few problems but they aren’t insurmountable. The biggest question about him is how big a deal is it to voters that he’s never served in public office before? I admit I like that idea, but how easy is it going to be for his political opponents (including the MSM) to trip him up and make him look ignorant based on his lack of “insider” knowledge? There’s also the fact that, unlike virtually all the other candidates, he hasn’t been deeply vetted. He’s gotta be squeaky clean.

    He can certainly give a speech. He’s got more gravitas than anybody we’ve seen since Fred Thompson. He talks about principles, which I like (but still light on policy… the Republican candidate has got to be a policy wonk if they want to win… independents have to be convinced that conservatives have a workable plan, not just a set of principles. That’s why Paul Ryan would be my first choice for a candidate, but he ain’t running). He’s got a good biography. And it doesn’t hurt that he sounds just like The Lady’s Man.

    So I’m not ready to jump on the Cain bandwagon just yet, but I’m reserving a seat on the bus. Time will tell…

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