So B-Rex, whatsolive about King B Live?

Yeah, I made that up, but the point holds.

The KBL is on a holding pattern because, like most people who consider the GOPer prospects of unseating Fred-6 in ’12, we must first find out whether or not Sarah Palin is running. I want her on that wall. We need her on that wall. But, fact is, no one other that Palin and, maybe, her husband Todd know what she’s up to.

If Palin’s in, I suspect the KBL will get hot – if not, then let the reign of Cain commence. Astute readers will correctly note that this is lifted directly from S1 of “Veronica Mars.”

Regarding current events, I think this pretty much sums it up:

  • I don’t care about Libya enough to comment
  • I hate unions, so anything I have to say about Wisconsin will boil over into rage
  • Fred-6 is a horrible POTUS and deserves the fire of hell for all I care
  • I read his book – I’m not on the T-Paw train
  • Mitch Daniels, same thing

So, who do we back? Palin, Cain … no idea. Christie’s a liberal – that’s why the media want him to run. If you think they like him because he fillets public sector union members for lunch, you’re, um, mistaken. Huck’s a religious kook with a liberal’s heart, which is about five strikes against him. And … the other people? Jeb Bush is a Bush, and we don’t need another Bush. And the list goes on.

I have no idea why Palin is waiting this out, unless she’s content to spring a trap late in the summer after a boring season of inter-party debates, bringing stage after stage of interchangeable white men. It demonstrates just how poor the field is outside of Cain and Palin that all the other manginas are waiting for the girl to announce before they make a move. The see-dub was the campaign shoulda gotten rolling in February. It’s still March, and Newt Gingrich is still, um, exploring a committee to pour millions down the drain to nowhere. Of all the potential candidates, I loathe Newt the most.

Fucking turncoat.

What Palin is proving is, among other things, how interesting she is by her sheer absence of late. Politics have been so boring of late. I like punditry, but Palin has proven to be the epitome of you’ll miss me when I’m gone. Liberals need her as bad as Conservatives – she is nothing if not the ultimate Straw Man. When Fred-6 puts together one of his painful metaphors about fountain drinks and egresses and then lapses into the construction of his noted straw man, I’m pretty sure he has to memorize the internalized phrase “don’t say Sarah Palin” when he says “Some people want to send union members to hell, while others want them to go to heaven, but I stand firmly in the middle, the intellectual agnostic and say let’s all agree that Sarah Palin they are the devil.” The curious viewer would ask “which they?” and Fred-6 would respond, “Let me be clear, I have a dentist appointment and Michelle doesn’t want me to be late. That’s all folks.”

Yes, that was a horrible paragraph. The point being until the ‘Cuda speaks, no one cares.

Including me.


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