CPAC: Are you ready for the Hermanator?

Sorry, couldn’t resist that headline. Herman Cain is a darkhorse GOP candidate for POTUS, but they’re all darkhorses at this point. Cain’s was one of the few speeches I watched in full, and here is how I would describe it, putting on my best rock writer hat:

Herman Cain went on stage Friday afternoon at CPAC, plugged in and blew the roof off the place. Were it appropriate to drop an eff-bomb in there, I would have done so.

Apparently, someone forgot to tell Cain that the Friday afternoon speaker isn’t supposed to steal the thunder. I’ve been paying attention to Cain, but I’ll be paying much closer attention now. If he’s a darkhorse, so be it – I’ll take him over the various straw-poll winners and high-placers. Ron Paul? Mitt Romney? Really?

Really – this is CPAC, though, and those Paulnuts do know how to mobilize. They still haven’t explained how Paul justifies taking all that pork that won’t make a Conservative’s head explode, but whatever, nobody’s perfect.

So, here’s where I stand right now ie these are the candidates I want to see emerge based on whether or not I think they can win and whether or not I agree with their stated policies and past politics.

  1. Sarah Palin – she stays at the top until she says she’s not running, until then, for me, she is who I want. This country needs a culture war of epic, nasty proportions, and Palin-Obama is that culture war, tidily wrapped in a POTUS race. Fred-6 would probably win, but Fred-6 isn’t made of Teflon, and Palin is not nearly so stupid as her detractors imagine – in fact, she’s not stupid at all.
  2. Herman Cain – I’ve written about him briefly before, but he’s officially brightly lit on my radar. I’ll donate money to his campaign if it gets off the ground, and if Palin backs out I’m moving all my chips onto his number. He’s a self-made man, a great speaker, a fiery Conservative and he loathes people of color who hate him for not supporting Fred-6’s agenda. Again – I want someone who isn’t bringing a knife to a gunfight, I want someone who is bringing the gun and ready to fire before the fight’s even started. I think – think – Cain has that fire. And no, I’ll not cease using that analogy.
  3. Of the hard-to-differentiate-between-white-men-who-aren’t-John-Bolton, Mitch Daniels had the best weekend, but he can’t win. I don’t know that Bolton could win, but I like him, so there’s that. I don’t know enough about Allen West, so there’s that. Chris Christie – who has said he’s not running – is Ann Coulter’s favorite, and not only is a Liberal in Conservative clothing, he’ll turn on Conservatives faster than Ah-nuld did. Am I missing anyone?
  4. Sure, I’d vote for Romney or – ugh – Huck, or any of the other people who get the nomination, but these guys are sure losers. Plus, while Sarah Palin’s been out fighting the rhetorical wars the GOP should’ve been fighting, where have they been? Sitting back, of course, letting her do the heavy lifting. I’m not alone among fairly active Palinista’s who won’t forget their silence. I’d vote for them in the end, but I wouldn’t campaign for them.

So, there you go. Palin, Cain, Bolton, none of whom are likely to get the nomination unless Palin’s been saving some nuclear nightstick I’m unaware of, which is very possible.

Nobody brings the nightstick like Sarah brings the nightstick. FWIW, many Conservatives think she’s the only sure-loser among the field, and I frankly feel she’s the only one who can actually beat Fred-6 and his billion-dollar Hope-a-Dope machine. Let the games begin!


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One Response to CPAC: Are you ready for the Hermanator?

  1. Eric says:

    I’m interested in Cain, looking forward to learning more about him and his ideas. There was a great NRO interview with him last month. He certainly has a great biography. He has only one big negative I can see from an “electability” standpoint; he’s never held public office before. To me that makes him a better candidate, but I’ll be surprised if it plays so well with the voting public after the media and his political opponents finish talking about it… still, it isn’t insurmountable.

    I’d like to see him clarify what he meant about the US needing “bolder” stimulus response from the government, which sounds eerily Keynesian, but he may have just been talking about tax cuts. I’d also like to see him walk back his stated support for affirmative action.

    When I rank all the major candidates who I believe will be running, and then cross out the ones I think are unelectable, Palwenty still comes out on top (although it is almost a coin toss with Mitch Daniels)… but Cain is a new factor in this equation, and I can’t figure out where he belongs yet (probably more conservative than Pawlenty, and he just may be electable).

    I’ve pretty much given up on the idea of finding a candidate I can be as excited about as I was about Fred Thompson in 07/08… would love to be proven wrong.

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