Roger L. Simon » GOProud Party Breitbart’s Proudest Hour

Here’s Roger L. Simon writing about Andrew Breitbart’s party last night at CPACL (h/t HotAir):

Does this indeed mean that libertarianism in its various strains is taking over the GOP? Again, that is possibly wishful thinking (and I wouldn’t want it to be that brand of libertarianism that seems to think the common defense can be accomplished with BB guns in someone’s garage), but there are indications across CPAC. Again, maybe this is anecdotal, but I’ve hardly heard much talk of abortion or other social issues at the conference — and when I have it seems vaguely discordant or anachronistic. Most people wanted to discuss the economy or the looming dangers of the Muslim Brotherhood. And, of course, who would be best to put Barack Obama out of office.

via Roger L. Simon » GOProud Party Breitbart’s Proudest Hour.

I’m usually decent at gauging large movements, but bad at the micro stuff. I saw the O-Train coming a mile away (2004, TYVM), but for life of me didn’t see so many apolitical people of my generation being suckered by it. So, take what follows with very heavy grains of salt.

I fear what is coming from MoralCons regarding homosexuality and Conservatism. As Simon notes at the end of the passage above, the main concern for people at Breitbart’s GOProud party was how to get Fred-6 out of office. That should be every non-Democrat’s primary concern. It is certainly mine, electorally-speaking.

I generally refer to it as an All Hands on Deck necessity – now is not the time to fight culture wars.

MoralCons often cannot or do not see it that way. They see homosexuality – specifically male homosexuality – as a trapdoor that leads into, I dunno, Marxism or something. The past month I’ve read more columns, blogs, comments etc than I care to remember about the threat of homosexuality to Conservatism specifically and the GOP in general.

There are two culture wars worth fighting, at least in my book – guns and abortion. So long as a candidate is right-to-far-right on these issues, they have a hard time pissing off Conservatives of all types. Go weak on one or both, and they will see their support evaporate.

Homosexuality is not guns, and it is not abortion. A candidate’s opinion of the gay lifetstyle in general, or gay marriage, DADT etc, will not sway whether or not I will support them, unless – and only unless – they just flat out hate homosexuals, and no sane politician in this day and age will come out and say such a thing.

MoralCons have an understandable belief that they are the base of the GOP if not Conservatism writ large; on the former they are probably still correct, on the latter they are not. I am far more Conservative on a panoply of issues than most MoralCons I know, primarily if not exclusively because I don’t confuse Biblical directives with government policy ie love your own goddamn neighbor and leave my taxes out of it, render your shit unto Caesar and leave me out of it, and blessed are the children who aren’t next to me on an airplane screaming.

Many MoralCons have learned to dress up their arguments and their language to address the gehy issue in non-Biblical language, but the overriding objection to most aspects of homosexuality are firmly rooted in both Testaments of The Holy Bible, although Jesus never actually addressed it himself. That last nugget’s not meant to be clever, but it’s always surprising to hear the twisting that takes place when this easily provable fact is unfurled.

The notion that marriage is the cornerstone of Western Civilization is a big MoralCon argument, as is the red-herring of tolerance towards homosexuality translating into tolerance of polygamy, pedophilia, bestiality, Roman showers, 2Girls1Cup and the like; both of these ideas are founded on premises so weak that … I don’t have the time or the patience to argue with either point because a) MoralCons are much more passionate about this than I am and b) MoralCons root their objections to homosexuality, whether they admit it or not, in z’Bible – take away z’Bible, and most of the foundation of their argument collapses.

If MoralCons spent as much time going after pre-marital sex, lustful thought, adultery etc as it does homosexuality, they might get a foot in the door of this argument, but they don’t so they won’t.

Luckily for MoralCons, my voice doesn’t count for much in the GOP or Conservatism, but I’m not exactly alone cin caring less about the marriage of Conservatism and people who choose to fuck people with the same plumbing.

What I do know is the unseemly, Liberal-like reveal MoralCons continue to treat us to regarding homosexuality: by stamping their feet insisting that this cannot be, they quite nastily represent the Conservative bogyman Liberals have been selling to the American public for years.

A shame, really.



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  1. dwh says:

    I highly recommend Weigel’s CPAC reports on slate.

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