Hey look, another female teacher caught screwing another boy

Hey, this 6.5/10 31-year-old teacher was allegedly caught fornicating [with] a student:

Courtney Bowles was found by a police officer naked lying on top of the boy, who was also completely naked, from her school in Colorado.

A partly consumed bottle of vodka was also found in the car with the couple.

Her student lover initially said he was 20 years old – but later admitted he was 16.

Bowles,31,was employed at his school as a teacher’s instructional coach. It was her job to train teachers on how to maintain a professional distance from students.

via Teacher who advises colleagues on how to avoid affairs with students caught having sex with 16-year-old boy from her school | The Daily Caller – Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment.

Nah, it wasn’t rape, as I would assume Colorado’s statutory rape laws are similar to others in this part of the country, which basically states that if there’s grass on the 16-year-old field, play ball! And if several semesters worth of sex-ed, multicult-ed, sensitivity training etc taught me anything, it taught me two hard and fast rules:

  1. Only white men can be racists
  2. Only men can be rapists

So, what are we to say about these increasingly common couplings? That they’re wrong? That they’re just another example of aging, childless American women taking jobs in schools to prey on the walking-hardons that are teenage boys?  That, by law, the only thing Bowles was probably doing wrong was supplying a minor with vodka?

I’m always mixed on these because, like most people, I know it’s not black-and-white morally. And yet, what if…

  • Teacher was a man and student was a girl
  • Alcohol was involved

You think that might get some attention? Possibly.

What interests me about stories like this one is the plain, observable fact that many single women of a certain age still think they are at their peak in terms of sexual value. Courtney Bowles is 31 and, I would assume, not married, but it doesn’t matter. I doubt her thinking was that she was past her prime and that she was merely an easy cougar for a young buck to slay; rather, I’m guessing she thought she was somehow equal in this equation.

She doesn’t need counseling, she needs a good dose of pity.

These stories are common because a) schools seem to attract sexual predators who want guaranteed employment and b) so long as the cock is attached to the prey, not the predator, then it’s really not a big deal.

The hubris alone is amazing – the irony of being the professionalism adviser (or whichever such title she has) found going cowgirl with a boy barely old enough to drive (with alcohol in the car!) is perfect.

When I think of the men’s lives and reputations that have been ruined by accusations of going after girls (and yes, boys) under the age of 18, it’s all the more tragic. This is not a good time to be a single man – aside from statistics regarding incarceration, unemployment and education, there is the very real fact that single men, as a societal norm, are no longer to be allowed anywhere near children or even teenagers they aren’t familiar with.

As a happy bachelor, few – if any – of my interests overlap with children or young teens. I don’t like animated films, I don’t like going to the park, and I don’t like watching sports live and in person. Yet, I know if I went to the local park just to sit, I would make some of the mothers there uneasy. I know that if I took a camera to a Little League park to take pictures, I would probably be questioned, if not asked to stop. And even if I liked animated films, I wouldn’t be caught dead going to a Saturday matinee, even though it’s less expensive.

As Chuck Ross details, Barnes & Noble isn’t such a fan of unaccompanied men even going into the children’s section of their stores, much less sitting down in said section.

Policies aimed at banning masculinity and promoting the postmodern version of femininity have resulted in colleges now overwhelmingly unbalanced by gender – this is also known as the “ducks in a barrel” scenario for the player who happens to go to college. The trickle down result of this, though, is that fewer women are getting their risk-taking needs met in college, and are now taking it into the Adult World, and more regularly involving young boys.

I’d say to begin righting the karmic scales, at the very least Bowles deserves the death penalty, perhaps a drawing-and-quartering first. In reality, she probably won’t even have to register as a sex offender, she probably won’t lose her assignment at her public school, and she probably won’t miss a paycheck.

What a wonderful world.


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