Pretty awesome 11 minutes


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One Response to Pretty awesome 11 minutes

  1. Eric says:

    Very interesting video, and the presentation was just incredible. I have to admit though that I’m always a little skeptical of people who say modern technology demands a complete rethinking of the learning process. I’m a little out of my depth on the particulars of the pedagogical terminology, but having watched a Kindergartner lose some of her “divergent thinking” abilities as she ages, I will attest to the fact that this is a real phenomenon, but it also appears to me to be a necessary one: as divergent thinking decreases, the ability to express coherent thoughts increases, because children begin to contextualize objects and concepts in ways that allow them to relate to the world and to human beings around them… i.e., a paperclip becomes just a paperclip, but you can also hand a kid a paperclip and two pieces of paper and they intuitively know how to make it work, as opposed to the 4-year-old who might stare blankly at them for a few seconds before ripping the paper to pieces and bending the paperclip into a ninja star. Sometimes “divergent” thinking is the enemy, especially when you need kids to focus on a concept.
    He made a great point about how Ritalin is used to zombify kids, but that’s because it is no longer acceptable for a teacher to threaten them with a paddle if they don’t shut up, sit down, and listen.

    I wouldn’t argue that our current educational system is the bee’s knees by any means, but I tend to see the answer as a return to Enlightment-informed, educational assembly line approach that this guy is so clearly against. We need to QUIT trying so hard to to find a way to custom fit concepts with “styles of learning” and instead demand that the children adapt their styles of learning to the concepts at hand (ask a teacher about IEP’s and how they effect their classroom). Modern technology gives us some incredible tools to use to help illustrate educational concepts, but it’s just another medium. The video you play here is a perfect example… it’s more interesting because of the unique animation, but it is just as informative as a stand-alone speech. The technology enhances the learning, but doesn’t add any substance to it. And sometimes technology can distract from learning… the popular Alice In Wonderland ap on the iPad is an exmaple, just about every parent who bought the iPad got this for their kids, but I’d bet 90% of the kids spent about ten minutes playing with all the cool functions and animations in the story and then put it down forever. Parents would have served their kids better by reading the story to them aloud.

    I think the best point this guys makes is that the world has changed and we weren’t ready for it, but while we definitely need a better educational system, I see the answer to the smaller-world problem as being more of a political and cultural one than a pedagogical one.

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