Politico forum: Why won’t the birther issue die? King B: Because the President won’t let it

Interesting that not one person who responded in the forum (and these are VIP types, relatively speaking) didn’t point out that Fred-6 could put much of the issue to rest if he wanted to by authorizing the state of Hawaii to release the Golden Ticket Birth Certificate. Would that solve the “birther problem” for true believers? Of course not, but I don’t recall this much negative attention being given to 9/11 Truthers (or Trig Truthers, for that matter) during Pres. Bush’s years in office.

Wading into the Birther debate is dangerous territory because, well, everyone says it’s dangerous territory. Before I continue:


However, I also believe that Fred-6 has the mentality of a clever street thug – reading The 50th Law, I sensed it could easily have been about a young Barack Obama. That he has not done what he is able to do to put this issue to rest speaks volumes for those who care to listen. The certificate itself is immaterial to me – even if it were proven he is not a United States citizen, I still believe he should be able to serve out his term, even though that’s patently absurd.

Remember that whole Tuscon shooting thing? Remember how Fred-6 stayed silent for four five fucking days while his disciples smeared Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, the Tea Party movement and anyone to the right of Bill Clinton as being responsible? Speaking of Bill Clinton (the First Black POTUS, as I recall), remember when his disciples smeared him as being a racist? Weird how Fred-6 keeps flying just high enough above the fray to not hit with blood, but low enough to have a nice view.

Fred-6 is a thug. He wears a nice suit and he went to Harvard (and Occidental, and other places too), but he is a born and bred aggitator. If he were sitting where I am right now, he would be known as a Troll, and he probably is a Troll because that is how he operates.

We don’t know his grades, we’ve seen little evidence of his “writing” ability, no one has bothered to check into that long-ago coke habit he himself has mentioned, or that he’s a cigarette smoker (usually a sign of evil – takes one to know one), or that he’s a professed Christian who doesn’t observe Easter, or…

Whatever. I wouldn’t vote for him if he observed Easter, knew his test scores and he regularly referenced Rules 1 and 2. The point is that the President is a curiously secretive man, and the media enable him to remain a curiously secretive man. Yes, Birthers are kooks, but no kookier than those on the Left and their various fixations – their fetish for Sarah Palin and her children being a good place to start.

With that, I hope the President’s birth certificate continues to ebb and flow into and out of the news cycle. As I’ve stated before, I think it’s pretty obvious why he doesn’t want to release it. One word: Caucasian.

He’s in it for the lulz, baby.


Also, I forgot to add, he’s still an empty suit – either that, or I wasn’t aware that combat operations in Afghanistan have ended.


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