Heh: Abortionist fond of telling dead-baby jokes not so funny after 200-page grand jury report released

Having read and watched some of the most gruesome spectacles real and imagined that humanity has to offer, I don’t have a problem stating that this ranks in, I dunno, the top 5. The worst part is I don’t think the case of Kermit B. Gosnell, M.D., is actually all that rare. The link is beyond-graphic, from the first page of the report to the last. Read it and … be sick.

When even the casual observer knows how obscene third-trimester abortions are, even when done, um, correctly, one wonders how shocking a 200-page report can be. Read the first five pages, and if you have the stomach, keep going. It’s just usual abortionist fare, you know, cutting the spinal cords of out-of-the-womb babies with scissors, putting dead babies in shoe-boxes, keeping dead babies in the break-room fridge, that type of stuff.

The other obscenity, of course, is how this went on for as long as it did with so few people who are responsible for monitoring such clinics turning a blind eye to this one.

Pretty awesome, that whole Roe v. Wade thing.

I thought the details of Dr. Gosnell’s clinic were supposed to be what happened when abortion was illegal? Yep – dead babies: the eternal symbol of a woman’s mythical right to privacy. I think I’m going to go vomit now.



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