GOP-led House tosses Obamacare into the fire, a big effin’ deal in these parts

This video was the first post at King B Live (November the Fifth, of course ), and finally an event worthy of its return: The House voted to repeal Obamacare, even managing to get a trio of Dems on-board. H.R. 2 passed with flying colors today, and now it’s onto the Senate where, who knows, it will probably be sent to committee to die.

It’s too bad, really, since Harry Reid and other Democrat Senators are so sure Obamacare is good legislation and has the good will of z’People behind it. Eric Cantor pretty much double-dog-dared Reid to bring it to a vote if he’s so sure it has no chance of succeeding.

So, if it has no chance of succeeding in the Senate, what’s the point? Why do Conservatives want this done? Simple: the Conservative electoral revolt – both Federal and more local – of 2010 was in large part due to spending and Obamacare. We sent people to Washington to repeal Obamacare, and the Senate can do as it wishes, but the GOP controls the House and this is among the things they were sent there to do. Liberals, people who don’t follow politics and those who are genuinely moderate may not understand, but they don’t have to, as they are not necessary for Conservative policies and principles to win elections (never have been, never will be). When the 2012 election rolls around, one of the first questions asked at every town hall, voter forum and debate in the country where Republicans and/or Blue Dog Democrats are present will be why did you vote/not vote for H.R. 2, and those who voted for it can bask in the glow, and those who did not can prepared to be screamed at and promptly booted from office.

Think of how awesome this country could be if the only thing the Senate and House did all day everyday was repeal intrusive government regulation, unweaving the web of Statist control softly spun around all of us as we work, live and attempt to prosper? This is a very good start.

So what now? Simple – keep forcing it into the Senate, and if it’s sent to committee, keep conjuring it up in different forms to continue to send to the Senate. Force – force – the Democrat-led Senate to do nothing and defend doing nothing on a bill that Americans overwhelmingly want tossed. There will be plenty of campaign material to be had from this gamesmanship, and I’m all for it.

Make no mistake – this is a huge victory, a symbolic gesture and most importantly, a fascinating start to the new House session. If the political calculus for any cause was will it ever be enacted then nothing would ever get done. The Democrat Party had to lie, cheat, steal and operate under the dark of nights, weekends and holidays to pass Obamacare, and it will take gestures big and small to get it repealed. When I say a good start, I mean this: the GOP promised to begin the task of repeal if given power, and they’ve done it.

Interesting observation I’ve not seen anywhere else, so I’ll make it here: Fascinating that the GOP didn’t have to pass this in the dead of night, during a lame duck session, the day before Christmas, on a weekend, etc. Nope, just another Tuesday at the office. Kudos all around, yes.

Alternate headline: GOP-led House tosses Obamacare into the fuckitbucket…


Postscript funny to me and possibly one other person: My most Liberal friend in the world is working on some environmental impact something or another for the DoE at the site(s) where the awesome video above was shot. I doubt she reads this, but if she does, she surely must be smiling at the corny irony of it all.


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