Whistling past the graveyard, skipping to the riot

I remember a time when dissent was the highest form of patriotism. I remember when there was not only a place for vitriol in politics, but vitriol was not only expected, it was encouraged. During this time, graphics like the one above bearing quotes by people as diverse as Mencken, Voltaire, Paine and Aristotle became prolific. They are not only a source of thought-provocation, they serve as a clarion call for the like-minded.

Curiously, the film V for Vendetta has played a strange role in all of this rhetoric about vitriol, protest and the relation of The People to The State. The line depicted in this graphic is probably the most famous from the film. Based on Alan Moore’s graphic novel, the film depicts a dystopian English State led by a ruthless Chancellor. The State created a pandemic and a health scare as well as perpetual war to give people an excuse to sacrifice their freedom for safety, thus making them believable serfs.

Online, Anonymous is now represented by the Guy Fawkes mask the anti-hero V wore in the graphic novel and in the film. Although much of this is juvenille pranksterism, it is not uncommon to see people wearing Guy Fawkes masks and black robes at protests, especially those of the left-wing variety, the irony being rich as V was fighting against the encroaching State, not for more of the same. In America, progressive protesters want more from the State, not less. They do not want an adherence to the State as it was, they want to move closer to a similar dytopic vision: the State as it Could Be. Of course, it will never be what they want, because they don’t know what they want.

If you are over the age of 30, you have seen this photograph, and if you’re over the age of 18, possibly. No one knows who this man was, but the reason he was standing in front of an armed tank was simple: Statist power against its people. If you’ve not seen the photograph, this did not happen in a free country, it happened in a Communist country: China, Tienamen Square, 1989. The tanks were part of a national military force unleashed on its own people. Hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands – who knows? – of protesters were killed, and the Tienament student protests as they were known at the time because etched in blood as the Tienamen Square Massacre. This is what happens when the State addresses dissent, knowing there will be no consequences. This remains an international symbol of protest. In America, this is what progressives consider a morally equal protest:

If you cannot tell what is going on here and don’t remember the photograph, there is a woman with sandy brown hair kneeling. You might remember her: Cindy Sheehan. Sheehan’s son Casey was killed in action in Afghanistan, and Sheehan met with Pres. Bush – twice, actually. That was not enough for Sheehan, who proceeded to go on a one-woman crusade, stalking Pres. Bush across the country, complete with the kind of media attention you see above, also engaging in the occasional Jew-hating rhetoric so many on the Left engage in, cloaked in the fanciness of anti-Zionism. Although Pres. Bush prayed with and consoled Sheehan, it was not enough to soothe her progressive politics. She has attempted the same protest with Fred-6, but has received no mainstream media coverage or access. Conservatives, though appalled by Sheehan’s vile, violent rhetoric aimed at Pres. Bush and the United States Armed Forces, never called for her rights of protest and speech to be toned down, we never asked for civility, we never demanded that social justice be restored.

Sarah Palin hasn’t called Fred-6 a war criminal, compared him to Hitler, shriek that he should be impeached or imply that he is actively killing American soldiers to enrich himself or his friends. Other than being on the losing ticket in 2008, Sarah Palin has done nothing more than exercise her right of free speech, a right supposedly cherished by the American Left. Here’s a cute picture of her being hung in effigy for Halloween, no doubt part of the necessary dialogue the nation needs on nasty rhetoric, sort of like then-Sen. Obama comparing her to a pig with lipstick. There will always be a Sarah Palin, because the American Left needs a devil. Their rhetoric is as flimsy as the straw their villains are constructed of, and since no one else seems game, Palin it is. Before Palin, of course…

Same shit, different guy is right, right? Where are the protesters now? For five years, they were a feature of the daily news, along with the daily body count of American soldiers KIA in Afghanistan and Iraq. Papers ran their photos along with biographical details about them, and it was a daily feature on the nightly newscasts. I have no problems with this – I think it’s good that Americans be reminded of the human price of war, especially the blood shed by Americans. Why isn’t that a staple of coverage any more? Because it’s no longer politically interesting. When a Republican replaces a Democrat in the White House, it will become interesting again. Fred-6 can close Guantanamo and remove American troops from Afghanistan and Iraq whenever he wants to – he campaigned on this. Why hasn’t he done it? Better yet, where are the protesters? Better still, why is Sarah Palin being hung in effigy?

This is my personal favorite. What is interesting about many of the best combinations of sentiment and photograph is that they are of, by and for people of the Left. Typically, the photographs are of protesters wearing gas masks and police bearing, at minimum, shields. While every sort of nihilism one can imagine is present at a protest by the Left, while tear gas and gas masks are a staple, while rocks are thrown, windows broken, businesses vandalized, and people are injured, such isn’t the case on the American Right. What violence there has been has been perpetrated by the Left – the finger of one Tea Party protester bitten off by a union thug, another man selling Gadsden flags beaten down by more union members, and so forth. The rhetoric at Tea Party events can indeed be vitriolic – until the vitriol was aimed at a sitting Democrat President, this was not a problem. The Tea Party movement, Sarah Palin, and millions of people with ideas similar are exercising exactly what this image demands. Just because the press, politicians of both parties and the President himself think we should be above finger-pointing, name-calling, vitriol, harsh rhetoric and incendiary language, it doesn’t mean we should be any of these things.

The problem with the Left that idealizes images like the last one is that it also believes in the sentiment of images like this one. The same Left that quit protesting wars and debt and dead civilians and a loss of civil liberties while reminding us that dissent is the highest form of patriotism is, at its foundation, a Marxist movement. So,the issue itself is not wars and debt and dead civilians and loss of liberty, nor is it dissent. It is about political power, nothing more and nothing less. The foot soldier in this cause may believe that the subversion of democracy, the eradication of political opponents, the Balkanization of American culture, the revision of American history and the denial of American exceptionalism are all worthy causes, but these beliefs are always couched in the rhetoric of American freedom, the right of protest and the necessity of dissent when it is unpopular. The people that lead them, the literature that guides them, the art that inspires them and the philosophy that drives them is not only anti-Freedom and anti-American, it is fundamentally anti-Human. The philosophy that preaches the image above is the philosophy that produces:

The Holocaust was one of the outcomes of National Socialism, a political movement that, upon gaining power, immediately moved to nationalize healthcare, banking, and industry. No government in modern history begins its entry into power with mass graves – only when the State denies the rights of private property, private health, and the sanctity of human life does the killing begin in earnest. It also takes part in what is now referred to as Balkanization, the dividing of a nation based on racial and religious heritage, the worst form of an “us against them” mentality. Its leaders are skilled at inculcating this mentality among countrymen, referring to opponents as enemies, or dehumanizing them by referring to them as roaches, pigs, dogs, parasites and other terms. That kind of rhetoric can divide a people of the same heritage who have no discernible ethnic differences to the untrained eye. Remember this:

Or this:

Who can forget this:

Or this:

These photographs aren’t the result of foreign equivalent of Tea Parties, nor are they remains of government figures attacked by protesters. They are the mass dead, piled up as only a State immune to the redress of the body politic’s grievances can pile them. The first two are from the Rwandan genocide of 1994. As diplomats the world over covered their asses while nearly one million Rwandans were slaughtered over the course of a hundred days, America’s chief UN diplomat and later, Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, had this to say:

Albright, do note, testified before Congress that it was her belief that the “UN missed the boat,” which is sort of like saying the Grand Canyon is a hole. The Rwandan Genocide liquidated nearly a fifth of the nation’s population, and it took three months to do it. The U.N. was created in part to prevent such tragedies, and it was the U.N. – the State’s State – that fostered and did almost nothing to prevent it from happening. The final photographs are the results of the Killing Fields, themselves the handiwork of the Khmer Rouge, a Communist effort in Cambodia that gained power after America withdrew from Vietnam, another desire of the American Left. So, America left Vietnam and a Leftist Utopia – complete with social engineering and a nationalized agriculture and health care policy – sprung up in Cambodia, and in four years, approximately two million people died of starvation and preventable disease, unlike the lucky ones who were simply murdered by their Communist benefactors.

For my part, I do not wish to silence anyone, neither the Left nor the Right. I don’t want to see rhetoric toned down, I want to see it heated to a boil. America is not done a service when people cannot see where “angry rhetoric” does and does not lead. The “angry” rhetoric of the American Right is child’s play compared to the subversive cornucopia of the American Left, its “us versus them” mentality, its racial fetishes, its obsession with corporatism, its blind eye to any State wrong when a Democrat is running it, and its wholesale hypocrisy regarding speech, protest and vitriol.


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