Mommy Wars! …and the living shall envy the dead…

You can read the full piece over at the GOC, but here’s a bit – the essay regards the now-infamous “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior” piece at WSJ, and Ayelet Waldman’s response, published today, also at WSJ:

I love American women. Love. Them. But they are, without question or qualifier, the most self-involved, spoiled, entitled, liberated, free and un-self-aware of all women in the known galaxy. For a cute example, American women are twice as likely as American men to initiate divorce, and it certainly pays more for the former. American women are globally known for their obsession with self-esteem, their various difficulties attracting and keeping Alpha males, and their constant inner-self odyssey idiocy that is exemplified by their queen, Oprah Winfrey. How does that make me feel is the first question most American women ask themselves about any given conundrum, and that attitude mars Waldman’s response.


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