I thought Christmas was last month?

Didn’t see this one coming. No, seriously. John Edwards and legal troubles? This is like dividing by zero (hence the graphic graphic). I figured we’d never hear of this again as it was quietly swept away. He must have made a joke about Michelle’s big ass for this continue. Per Ed at HotAir:

Last we heard in October, the Department of Justice had prepared a flurry of subpoenas to delve into the handling of campaign finances in John Edwards’ presidential run, with a specific eye towards the use of some funds to keep the Rielle Hunter scandal under wraps.  Today, the Associated Press reports that the grand jury has targeted Edwards in its probe, and not just Edwards.  Subpoenas have been issued for Alliance For a New America (AFNA) and linked organizations, where millions of dollars got spent with no public accounting:

I don’t believe in Hell or any other such concept of eternal, spiritual suffering, but if such a place exists for truly wicked people, John Edwards would be up there on my Deserves to Be There list. He is a vile human being, enriching himself at the expense of American pharmaceutical research, using his wife’s cancer to help his POTUS hopes, enlisting his wife in a lie for the same, cheating on his cancer-stricken wife (RIP) and so forth.

The Fred-6 thing I get and I got back in the day, but I never understood my Liberal friends who really thought John Edwards was the bees knees. If ever there were a phonier politician, I’ve not seen one (Charlie Crist? Arlen Specter? Not even close). Edwards won’t serve a day in prison, but he deserves civic scorn. He’s a smart guy who took his intelligence to enrich himself, exploit others, and make the world a better place for John Edwards in the name of anything but.


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