Regarding debt ceilings and the Conservative take on homosexuality

By the pricking of my thumbs/something wicked this way comes… Macbeth, yo

There are two issues I want to address tonight, and since it’s a Friday and I’m writing about relatively arcane Conservative political principles, this might be a hundred words or several thousand. Here we go.

Issue in the First: DO NOT RAISE THE DEBT CEILING. Any GOPer who votes for this should immediately be targeted by his constituency for a primary challenge. This is horrid, horrid policy and I suspect will lead to, among other things, another bailout/stimulus, money that will go to public sector unions and their platinum pension funds we cannot afford. I’m speculating in the theoretical on where the money might go, but Pres. Obama has had enough money to spend in two years – he doesn’t need access to any more, thanks.

The GOP controls the House, and with the House comes the purse strings. Nothing stained the second term of Pres. Bush’s POTUSy more than TARP – nothing. It ruined any legacy had as a Conservative, albeit a “compassionate” one and his refusal to veto TARP has been held against Conservatives and held as an excuse for Liberals to spend like … Liberals.

If the GOP allows the ceiling to be raised, they will regret it, and the first meme of the 2012 election will be born: See, the GOP is no different, they immediately authorized a higher debt ceiling even though everyone knows it’s bad for the country.

I suspect the raise will happen, but no GOPer who expects to be re-elected – and there are some big names hedging their bets on this – should expect to not at least be primaried. This is not what they were sent to DC to do – the term “debt ceiling” was not an alternative to the term “repeal Obamacare” on the electoral wave that gave the GOP a modicum of power back. This would be an awful way to start, even if the vote to repeal Obamacare in the House is a success.

Issue in the Second: Homosexuality and Conservatism. Last I checked, this piece at HotAir, ostensibly about Ted Nugent saying on AC369 that he loves Sarah Palin, but he couldn’t support her right now, had garnered more than 600 comments, a staggering lot, even for what is considered the best Conservative blog out there. If you read the comments – and I read most of the 600 that were up this morning, and some more tonight – you will find that most of them have nothing to do with Ted Nugent.


One of the more prolific commenters at HotAir, a self-described Christian Conservative Patriot, is furious that Gov. Palin re-Tweeted a Tammy Bruce Tweet about the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. After two years of supporting Palin with hundreds of comments at HA, she pulled her support over a reTweet, and comments-wise, all hell broke loose.

I am a self-described hedonist, a womanizer, a libertine and a rake – obviously, most of those are more/less synonyms with each other, but I like the way it rolled off the tongue. I am not a Social Conservative, save for my view that the nuclear family is the best way to raise children, and all human life should be honored and preserved tl;dr I’m Pro Life.

I am a Conservative though. My old way of describing my Conservatism was that I want the State to keep away from my guns, money, property and body, and it’s still the easiest way of describing it.

However, Conservatism isn’t a one-horse wagon. Social Conservatives have been the most instrumental in keeping opposition to abortion as a critical part of the GOP platform and as a litmus test for our national candidates who have any chance of success. Social Conservatives are, generally speaking, Christian Evangelicals. Not all of them, but generally speaking, yes.

Within this generalized group, there is a segment – how large I won’t guess, but not as large as many suspect is my guess or perhaps my projection – that does not like gay people. They will say that they wish them no harm or ill will, but they don’t want them in the military, they don’t want them married, they don’t want them adopting children, and they don’t want them doing things that are fairly common in the American experiment. Many see gays as destined for Hell, no matter their faith, and most observant Christians do not consider homosexuality anything short of an abomination, the notion of living in sin.

Before I continue…

I don’t believe any of that claptrap, but I understand why so many people do. Rarely does one get to hear more superstitious ignorance than when a good old-fashioned homophobe starts in on the gehys. I don’t say ignorance because I disagree, I say ignorance because such ignorance is usually couched in the disprovable, from homosexuality not taking place in the animal kingdom to that whole S/D pillar of salt ting. Don’t even get me started on gay priests and their penchant for teenaged boys being labeled as pedophiles…

Anyway, homosexuality doesn’t make me uncomfortable, but I understand why it does make so many people squirm, especially male homosexuality (female homosexuality is just too cute – aww, they’re rejecting the cock, so neato!). I didn’t and don’t have much of an opinion of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell or its repeal. It was enacted by a Democrat POTUS, sustained by a GOPer one, and it took a supposedly gay-friendly uber-liberal more than two years to sign off on it, after enacted in a despicable fashion – that’s the only thing that I truly hate about its repeal. I don’t care about gay marriage – if straights can do it, then why not? Yeah, yeah … institution … child-raising … etc: the State shouldn’t be in the business of marriage, and churches should be able to marry who they want.

I say all of that to confess this: I may very well be in the minority of Conservatism on this issue, but Conservatives are going to have to come to terms with the fact that there are many homosexuals in this country who would vote for our candidates if they didn’t suspect that so many self-styled Conservatives didn’t hate them. There are many that do, in spite of the Social Conservative zeal on the issue of DADT and, especially, gay marriage.

What is difficult is there are two types who oppose both of these – the type who dislike the gay lifestyle, and the type like me that doesn’t want shit done by shady State or Judicial fiat via backroom deals and lame-duck sessions.

My thesis is that soft homophobia as a legitimate piece of the political discourse will die with the Baby Boomers. My generation doesn’t give a shit about homosexuality as a rule – even my socially conservative friends aren’t bothered by gay marriage, gay adoption, etc, so far as I can tell. Our country has greater problems than man-on-man sodomy, and that is a fact. When sexually-transmitted, life-ending AIDS is killing seven out of ten men before the age of 25, then it will be an issue. Right now and in the foreseeable future, that ain’t happening.

We are going to need every possible friend to take down Fred-6, and there will be no such thing as an ideal candidate – there never is. My ideal candidate is Sarah Palin, but I’ll go to the mat for just about anyone who is nominated so long as they are fiscally Conservative and Pro Life.  However, I must return to Gov. Palin, because a few commenters at HotAir don’t make a trend, but a trend sure as hell does.

Here is the Tammy Bruce Tweet Gov. Palin reTweeted:

First, I don’t diminish Twitter, not one damn bit. Like Flip cameras, Twitter is a very simple piece of technology that the people can use to spread news quickly.

However, Bruce’s Tweet was just a Tweet, and Palin’s reTweet was not a retreat.

God, that was so fucking horrible I’m keeping it in here just remind myself not to get cute.

Anyway, as has been explained by people who have Doctoral Degrees in Twitter, RTng does not mean agreement – it’s just an RT.

Let’s say it’s Not Just An RT, though. Let’s say that Gov. Palin has changed her mind – her on the record position was being against the repeal of DADT – and has now decided to break the news via an RT. No interview, no Facebook post, no op-ed in the WSJ. According to a bipartisan study commissioned by the Ford Foundation for Excellent in conjunction with the Truman Fellowship, who the fuck cares? Well, apparently some so-cons care, thus leading – for example – to the surreality of the HotAir thread, to say nothing of the frank, hell if we know post about the subject at C4P (as always, the comments are instructive). In the long run, it means absolutely nothing. If she were elected in a landslide for POTUS, Sarah Palin would not return DADT, not in your dreams or anyone else’s.

This is a stupid issue.

The larger concern of some so-cons regarding homosexuality in the Conservative tent is not a stupid issue, though. I don’t agree with them, but it’s not stupid. What is stupid, though, is assuming that all Conservatives are Christians and all Conservative ideas and ideals are Christians ones; or, for that matter, that opposition to homosexuality is itself a Christ-like ideal. Which it’s not, because it’s never mentioned in the Gospels, themselves the Four Official Books about Christ.

I already knew that, but if you Google it, you’ll be led to this amusing anecdote.

Anyway, on the larger issue of homosexuality and Conservatism, I think it’s time to, you know, move on. I don’t care if people agree or disagree or support or don’t support people living a homosexual life – I’m more for people pursuing their own happiness and butting out of other people’s business. Conservatives cannot let these types of sideshows take away from the larger aim, which is of course spending several years undoing the damage of the prior four once a Conservatives takes the POTUS oath in 2013.



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