RE: “Except Obama, except Obama!” – My thoughts exactly

Read the whole thing here. I’d add that anytime I hear a birther story getting traction anymore, I immediately assume it’s a left-winger trolling for right-wing warpaint. The part of the right that’s into this learned to keep it quiet long ago, and the best right-wing blogs banned birthers shortly after it got started.

Before getting to the excerpt from Wizbang, I will repeat the one honest thought I have on the subject: it says a lot about Pres. Obama that he hasn’t stepped in and done his part to quiet this lunacy. I don’t know – or care – what’s on his birth certificate any more, but I’d be willing to bet his nation of origin is the least interesting thing about it.

Here and now, I say it loud: I think he’s listed as White. Who gives a rat’s ass, though:

The birther issue is no longer worth the time of day.  It may’ve been an issue before Obama was elected, but not now, not 2 years into the man’s reign.  In fact, those pushing the issue are coming across as… well… loons.

And there’s no better way to push that loon meme forward than to yell something like that which this woman yelled at the time she yelled.  And to end her stunt with “Help us Jesus”…. just a way to paint Christians as loons too.  It’s essentially a leftist two-fer.

I’d like to find out more about this Theresa woman.  And I’d like to know whether she has any ties to moonbat groups.

I, of course, could be wrong.  But it’s what struck me when I first heard this.


via “Except Obama, except Obama!” (Wizbang).


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