So, what’s the story behind Googling Obamacare?

What if you Google “Obamacare?” What happens? Apparently, you get directed to this tidy piece of propaganda. What follows may or may not be a nifty bit of backtracing.

Rush spent a lot of time on this today, and Ace has a piece on it as well. Ace’s piece uses a Weekly Standard piece as the source, and that uses a Ben Smith entry from Politico as its source.

The first time I tried this, I was logged into my Google account, so it had my location and personal email – I figured Google was smart enough to know my politics – if by nothing more than my location being Ground Zero for hardcore right-wingery – so I logged out and changed my location to Urbana, Illinois, where uber-liberal Roger Ebert grew up. When I Googled Obamacare, I got this:

Nada. So I Googled Obamacare Facts, and got this:

Still nothing. So I Googled Obamacare Bill out of exasperation, and got this:

So, after all that b/s, I finally Googled Healthcare and voila, with a caveat:

The caveat is that the search return is not one of the grayed “paid” spots, it’s just second on the search after the Wikipedia entry.

Here’s my set of questions. Going on the fairly safe assumption that Rush Limbaugh, listened to by 15 million people each day (and all not Dittoheads) was not lying, nor was Ace, nor was Ben Smith at Politico, then where did the ad go?

Better yet, how is it possible – wink-wink – to Google Obamacare and not be given a link to the Government’s address at some point on the first page. Ever heard of scrubbing too much?

What’s surprising is none of it. Ben Smith has a screen capture from earlier in the day of the Google return on Obamacare and the ad is there, but now, it’s not.

I’ve never trusted anything about Obamacare, and although I love Google, I’m not ignorant of the fact that it’s run by a bunch of left-wing ass-clowns. Howevah, what’s startling now is the level of incompetence now being demonstrated by those wishing to propagandize Obamacare, to say nothing of the potential asshattery of Google scrubbers. I could see pulling the ad, but speculatively, how much was paid to scrub the actual results?

Dunno, dunncare. Just a bit odd.


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