More bullshit I don’t care about: RNC inter-politics

I guess it’s some kind of political dead season because I keep finding myself reading articles about the battle over who will chair the RNC. Yes: I keep reading articles about something I do not care about. I’m like some kind of Web 1.0 pervert who keeps flipping through pictures at HotOrNot waiting to see some nipple, yet never being satisfied and, even if I saw said nipple, I’d just keep on flipping.

As it stands there’s Micheal Steele, the current head of the RNC, and a bunch of other people vying for the post. And, as the funny meme goes, not a single fuck was given.

I wish I had friends who were more into the political science aspects of American politics as opposed to the proper way to think about these things, the happy philosophical, ideological manner. As an ideologue, I see the RNC as a beast in my kitchen that must be accepted because although its cooking sucks, its doesn’t poison me like the DNC and it doesn’t keep talking about the 5-start cuisine it can produce while never opening the fridge like the Libertarian Party.

I was a fan of Michale Steeele for a long time. Like my Conservatives Not From Maryland, my attention was drawn to Steele when the typically racist Democrat Party did typically racist things to him when he ran for governor – tossing Oreos at him, calling him and Uncle Tom, the usual things that demonstrate that Democrats now and forever see any black person who doesn’t have a -D next to his name as 3/5 human and 2/5 nigger. That’s not meant to be inflammatory – this is the party of the Klan, Jim Crow and Bull Connor, to say nothing of the party that calls every last Conservative Black in the country who can threaten their power structure – again – an Uncle Tom, Aunt Jemima, Oreo et al. They have Conservatives of all colors and creeds, and politically verboten words are only verboten when used by Conservatives. If Joe Biden can call Fred-6 clean and articulate and then get the man’s Veep slot, well, you tell me…

This is always how the Democrat Party has operated, and this is how it will always operate.

Steele has been a disappointment as the RNC Chair. He keeps saying he’s done great things, but I haven’t seen them. He’s made a few gaffes, the party seems perpetually in debt, and along with the RSC, seems to have completely missed the boat on the Tea Party movement. Republicans seem to think their return to limited power is in spit of the Tea Party, not because of it, when nothing could be farther from the truth. When Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell are blamed for the GOP not getting control of the Senate when no one plausibly thought this possible pre-election, it tells you how out of touch they truly are.

Back to the longing for political science friends…

Just as We Conservatives in Flyover Country beat our heads against the wall as we watch Beltway GOPers repeatedly screw up, I’m sure the Beltway types do the same regarding Conservative Ideologues – it is the only way to explain their hatred of Sarah Palin, who has done nothing more than be the lone political figure with the clout and media exposure to counter Fred-6’s awful ideology. When those of us in Flyover Country see their hatred of Palin and their condescension of Rush Limbaugh, we smack our heads not with disbelief, but with the very real feeling that even if we control all the Executive, both houses of the Legislative while holding onto the SCOTUS by the hair on our chinny-cchin-chins, we still will see very little undoing of Fred-6’s disastrous agenda.

Our only Ace in the Hole is that for the first time in a long time, people who didn’t realize they were Conservatives have finally woken up and gotten active. We will continue to vote out people who go against our wishes, including GOP dinosaurs who continue to reach across the aisle to work with people who wish to chop our hands off.

That’s where we stand right now. The inner workings of the RNC are about as exciting as that hoped-for nipple, and equally non-fulfilling. I don’t care who heads the RNC, so long as they keep their mouths shut, raise some money and get the hell out of the way.


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